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Eczema questions

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My 11 week old ds was just Dx'd with eczema on Thursday. The rash started on the sides of his face in front of his ears and in his eyebrows and continued over the next 10 days to cover most of his body.

The dermatologists prescribed Derasmoothe oil to get it under control and Mimyx cream for maintenance.

I know eczema is caused by an allergy and I've recently read that babies with food allergies have a red ring around their anus. My ds does not have this so does that mean that his is likely not a food allergy but other - pet, environment, etc.? I plan to start Dr. Sears Elim Diet on Monday and I'm wondering if it's necessary if he does not have the "red ring" and that I should concentrate on other allergens.

Does/did anyone elses child have eczema covering their whole body? Did the patches come and go (back to baby soft skin) or does it just stay sandpaper like?

From spending most of the last few days researching, my plan of attck is below - can you advise, add, comment on anything that you think might help.

vitamin A (mycelized vitamin A drops, 5000 IU, 1 drop a day)
Evening Primrose Oil (1 500mg capsule, squeezed, twice a day)
Cod Liver Oil (1/2 tsp, twice a day)
Baby probotics as per bottle dosage
Coating with Eucerin twice a day (morn and after nightly RINSE)
Him sleeping with mittens to reduce face scratching
Him wearing all cotton clothing, sheets, etc.

Thanks for any info.
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DD's eczema traveled everywhere over her body, but it looked different in different areas: shins and arms sandpaper rough, chest and back welt-like, and small red bump rashy on back of head. Poor girl! She's almost 6 months now, and we've battled it since she was about 3 months.

we've got it under control. What's working for us is eliminating EGGS and dairy (did the Sears elim diet), and though I'm taking EPO and fish oils and sometimes acidoph., I'm not convinced yet they're doing the trick. We'll see. For lotions we do maintenance with California Baby Calendula Cream - so wonderful, not greasy. (I've paid homage to this cream many times on MDC now!) On worst days, we use 1/2% hydrocortisone and Aquaphor on the red red areas. I hate these last two products, but they work when we're desperate. Only cotton clothing. Bath once a week with Calif. shampoo/bodywash. So far, so good.

I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tip: if you use the mittens, put them on your dc, then pull oversized sleeves over (or past) the mittens, so dc won't be able to pull them off all night long...

Sounds like you've done a lot of thorough research! Good job.
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My DD also has eczema which started on her chest at 8 weeks old and quickly covered the rest of her body from her scalp to the bottom of her feet. She's 5 months old now and it is almost completely under control--I can hardly believe I'm writing that
. We've been to hell and back with this eczema thing including rough sand paper skin, red, scaly, oozing everwhere, and two staph infections requiring antibiotics. People were afraid to look at her and I would cry every time I saw a baby product commercial with a baby with smooth, soft, beautiful skin.

Anyway, I also did the Dr. Sears diet for over a month with no improvement and I experimented with things in my diet for the next two months with still no improvement. My DD also did not have the red ring thing so maybe that's why food eliminations did not work. I found that two baths a day worked the best for her (maybe environmental allergins I was washing off her skin?). Also, the sand paper skin didn't come and go. It came and stayed until about 2 weeks ago when I started giving her cod liver oil. Here is what we do now:

*2 baths per day, no soap, wash hair with ceraVe wash.
*Rub EPO or Borage oil into her scalp and diaper area.
*Coat her body in ceraVe cream after each bath.
*On the bad spots put a mixture of ceraVe and steroid cream. I found that I have had to use perscription steroids on her (as little as possible!) to prevent her from getting staph infections. Found that out the hard way.
*She gets approx. 1/8 tsp. CLO twice a day
*I take fish oil, flax, borage oil, and probiotics
*All Free and Clear detergent with extra rinse
*All cotton clothing
*She sleeps swaddled with miracle blanket so she doesn't rub her head and face raw. I tried mittens but she would just rub herself with the mittens on her hands until everything was raw. So that didn't work for me but I've heard that it works for a lot of people.

It was a lot of trial and error getting to this routine. I think you just have to keep trying things until you find what works. Be patient and keep a journal of different products/supplements/experiments. You'll get there. Aquaphor and Eucerin didn't help my DD at all and actually made her a little worse. I tried shikai and CA baby calendula cream and I liked them both, especially the calendula cream but neither seemed to help significantly. Although the calendula cream did take away the flaky skin on her face. I've tried so many creams and lotions and washes--they know me by name at Whole Foods-lol! Nothing made a significant difference until the CLO and when I discovered the ceraVe cream. I LOVE that stuff!!!!! I rarely have to use any steroids on her now!!! And I just found that at Longs.

GOOD LUCK!!!!! Your plan of attack looks good. I don't know about amounts for different things so I can't really comment on that but I do know that I only give my toddler 1/2 tsp. CLO per day based on what I've read here.

Let us know how things go. It's so awful watching a sweet baby suffer!

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Having a red ring around the anus is not a definitive measure of food allergies. I think it's great you started the elimination diet today. I haven't read the Sears one or why his is such a big deal, but I hope it works for you!

Are you taking those supplements yourself or giving them to your baby? You should probably take them. And, I find Eucerin to be too thick for an 11-week old. Did you know you can put the EPO directly on his skin? EPO always cleared up my baby's eczema w/in days. That and vit. E directly on the skin did wonders for my newborns.

Good luck! I hope you see drastic, fast results.
Thanks for the replys.

I've alreay switched to Vitamin E cream from the Eucerin. Only two nights and I can't take smelling my sweet little guy's head. The smelled like a refinery.

I will also try the EPO on his skin.

Also The supplements that I listed are for baby. I'm taking probiotics, EPO, Flax, vegan prenatal and Vit C.

Thanks for the tip on the mittens and the swaddlers.

Thank you all for the info. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions.
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