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I'm sure this is more common with twin pregnancy, but i'm having some pretty severe pitting edema in my feet. My hands are a little swollen too, but mainly this is just causing stiffness and carpel tunnel. My blood pressure was fine on monday, i've not had blurring vision, headaches abdominal pain etc. I do see the neon tadpoles if I get up too fast, but that happened with my son too. Should I be concerned? I think it's just pregnancy and heat getting to me, but I'm curious what others have to think.
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Do you have a history of high blood pressure? If not then it could very well be the heat and pregnancy. I had to get up slowly too. Actually I don't know anyone who could get up fast at the end of a twin pg!!
Also, I used to swell so bad on my hands, legs and feet that I had to put hot towels on legs at least once a day. If I put them up and put the towel down, it would relieve alot of swelling. With my hands, I tried to place them on my belly or somewhere where they were closer to my heart so they weren't always dangling. HTH
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no history of high blood pressure... mine is ususally 110/70 and lately has been as low as 110/60. I've found that soaking them in cold water and then laying down on my left side helps. It's so funny, my feel look like plump sausages LOL!
During the last two weeks of my twin pregnancy, I gained 35-40 lbs due to fluid/swelling... it started in my feet and crept all the way up my legs. And prior to about 38 weeks I had zero swelling - I think it's almost unavoidable at a certain point with twins. Since you seem to be watching out for the right symptoms and they're not appearing, I wouldn't worry.

Happy baby-growing!
I think everyone has good advice -- also being pregnant during the summer SUCKS. I cannot imagine having twins in the summer, mine were born in January.

Maybe post on the Birth Pro subforum, see what the mw has to say?
I had some serious issues with this when the heat of summer first made itself known. Pitting edema in the feet and ankles, everything else normal. I described it in my blog as "pig feet attached to the end of tree trunks"

Via a suggestion from another mama on the forums, I began taking vitamin B6. It helped a huge amount! (as did the weather cooling off a bit for a couple of weeks)

But now, even with taking the B6 and with the temperature fairly cool, I'm beginning to have a little edema again in my feet and ankles. It's nowhere near as bad as it was a few weeks ago! But it's there, it's constant, and it'll probably be there for the rest of the pregnancy (I'm 35 weeks now).

Heat definitely exacerbates edema. Water relieves it: baths, swimming, drinking lots and lots of water. Laying down (on your left side) on a slightly inclined surface (head at lower end) should help relieve a little bit of the fluid pressure and help the circulation of the lymphatic system. Or just having your feet raised slightly up on pillows while you're laying down should help a bit, too.

And if it gets to be too much, another mama suggested cleavers tincture. It's safe during the last half of pregnancy (probably also the first half, but I wouldn't chance it), and is a lymphatic tonic. If the swelling in my feet gets any worse and starts to pit, I'll use the cleavers tincture again (used it once already, but decided to opt for the B6 instead, since pills are easier for me to remember to take than tinctures).

Hope you're able to get a little relief, hun. The heat sucks and swelling uncomfortably makes it all the worse.
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Originally Posted by kettunainen View Post
I described it in my blog as "pig feet attached to the end of tree trunks"

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Poor mama. I had bad edema at the end too. Even my chin looked doubled. And my carpal tunnel was intense. Yuck.

Immersing yourself in water helps--swimming is great--because the water pressure helps make fluids leave the tissues and return to the blood stream. Also take some alfalfa--comes in tablets--the dosage is higher as the edema is worse.

Keep an eye on your urine tests and blood pressure. Otherwise edema is really common for twin pregnancies (lots of moms of singletons get it too).

Good thing is that about a week after the birth all that fluid was gone!

Good luck!!!
Funny you should post this - I was just at my OB and asking about the same things.

His answer - well mostly he just chuckled and told me that if I HADN'T ended up with some pitting edema by August, he would be very suprised (I've had mine the last few weeks). Same on the hand swelling/pain.

As long as your BP and everything is good and you're taking care of yourself, just chalk it up to the joys of twin pregnancy!
Yep-- I don't miss those tree trunk ankles I had from 36 weeks on! My bp was low, but my ankles/feet/toes were HUGE!!!
Ugh -- I so remember the hideously swollen feet. If I had a photobucket account I'd post a picture. I lived in flip flops from December til my girls were born in March. About the pre-e issue, I was putting on 7 lbs a week from about 33 weeks until the girls were born at 37 weeks -- obviously not from eating too much at that point, it was all fluid. I did get pre-e, but caught it the day I started spilling protein. My blood pressure never got very high and I didn't have headaches, it was just a gut feeling. I had a home blood pressure cuff that I kept an eye on my BP with because I knew I was getting toxemic.

You're gettting close to the end. I swear, after the being able to breathe and move around again, the fluid loss was the best thing PP. Oh, of course after getting to snuggle my babies.

Take care of yourself!
Oh, another post reminded me -- even my nose was swollen. I didn't even look like myself because of the swelling.
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Originally Posted by torio View Post
Immersing yourself in water helps--swimming is great--because the water pressure helps make fluids leave the tissues and return to the blood stream.
I didn't really have edema, but swimming when pregnant with twins was the BEST! I only got to go a couple of times, but nothing compared to the way it lifted the weight right off me. My best anniversary present (1.5 months before babies were born) was my husband taking me to a hotel with a pool (sans older kiddos). It was absolute heaven! If you can get to a pool, you'll be so glad you did.
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Soaking in a warm tub and drinking Nettle tea can help. Also eating lots of watermelon. It's a natural diuretic. Increasing your protein isn't a bad idea.
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