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Educational Magazines?

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Maybe subscribing to various educational magazines would be the best place to find information on events such as spelling, or geographic bees?

Even if my boys decide those are not things they would like to do, I just would like to know what's going on with those types of educational opportunities.

Or perhaps some of you have some favorites you would like to share that have fun ideas, or good information in them?
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We like Appleseeds, click, and other Cricket publicaitons....Also NGKids...

For the other kind of info have you tried a google search? that may lead you to the info and then a source? How about your local homeschool group? Or even the public school...also libraries often have "education magazines" to check out.

HTH, Sus
I'm guessing there are a million different mags out there. We've been getting ladybug for over a year now and just started getting cricket and click as well. My kids are young, but my oldest enjoys all three. I would do a search for whatever interests and see what is available.
I appreciate the ideas. My boys like reading NGkids and the regular NG.

They are 8 and 11, I'm looking for something a bit more advanced, and maybe geared towards reading for me. is a good one.

Warm wishes,
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