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"first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you. Then you win"

(sorry I'm not sure you to credit that to)

Every mention of breastfeeding in the media opens the topic for discussion in homes and water coolers across America. It will not be a straight line towards breastfeeding being "normal". People will need to discuss and debate every aspect of breastfeeding in public. But remember, we have the truth and "right" on our side. Have faith. so we will "win", in the end. It is inevitable.

Back to the Daily Show, specifically. By doing this "bit" - he just showed a woman breastfeeding at a gov't meeting!!!! How would we ever have gotten that many people to see that! he may have mocked it - but it showed that it is possible, that woman did it, she was not being a radical, she was just doing what needed to be done - and no one was making her leave or cover up. My goodness, waht a step ahead - a woman breastfeeding where she needed to be, not just sitting at home in a rocking chair!

My dh and I are eagerly awaiting a new Saturday Night Live - considering they already often do a "The View" spoof - I'm pretty sure they will do something about the Nurse-In.

Personally I think that comedy about breastfeeding is great. At least people will talk about it. That is my only regret about "The View" - that we may have put a gag on them about discussing breastfeeding - but in that case, since its not really a comedy show - and these are women with huge viewership, it needed to be addressed. this was perhaps not the objective we had in mind when doing the nurse-in, but considering the way things turned out, I'm willing to make the sacrifice that they may never discuss breastfeeding again. Overall, the NYC Nurse-in has changed the world a bit for breastfeeding advocates.

(BTW, I work with committees on implementing the Baby-Friendly Initiative. sometimes hospitals want to just copy the bfing policy of another hospital. But the value of BFI is not the accreditation itself, but the process of change the hospital must go through to get there. it is all the discussions and education and negotiation that must be done to put the policy in place, that make the hospital "Baby-Friendly", not the certificate itself.

Similarly, it is all the jokes and discussion and arguement that will change society to recognizing breastfeeding as normal. We ALL need to keep standing up for breastfeeding in our families, workplaces and social settings. Speak your truth about breastfeeding, as you have experienced it. We know that the vast majority have not, and will never be able to turn back the clock to personally experience a normal breastfeeding relationship (as a parent or child), so your voice will have to be loud and strong.

sometimes humour is the first step to get people to talk about a truly sensitive and emotianal (and important) subject - and we all know there is a lot of baggage around breastfeeding and the breasts.

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