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Initially it bugged me, but after listening to the whole thing it didn't.

He was just making fun of the whole meeting. Here are our elected officials, and they are forced to have a meeting in the basement, b/c other elected officials weren't letting them have a room for their meeting, they have microphones that weren't working, and here is a woman bf'ing.

I don't think he was making fun of the bf'ing, but just the fact that here was our lovely governent, the leaders of our nation..... and they are less organized than a kindergarten class. I think if there was a group of school children listening in he would have zoomed in on them.... nothing wrong with either one, in that scenario... but it was just kinda funny when all put together. Kwim?

I think, though, another poster mentioned it... one way or another it was actually good to see a women bf'ing at a meeting.

Finally, I just love that show to bits, DH and I had to pause the TIVO for about 5 minutes b/c we were laughing so hard at the OIL acronym bit. (mmm, don't recall if it was on the same show or another one we had taped from yesterday) Anyway, guess it's always possible my like of the show is clouding my viewpoint, but the bit personally did bother me.

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