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Effect of long term antibiotic use?

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My 1 year old DD has a condition where she has to be on antibiotics indefinetly. I'm just curious what the effect of their long term usage are? Does anyone here know? Obviously, I know she runs a risk of building up resitance to them or being allergic to them, is that it?

I know most of you here aren't for overmedicating, but she really does need these or she will suffer repeat infections and loss of kidney function. The infections are not fun, we have finally found a medication that prevents the infections and she is thriving, knock on wood she has no kidney damage yet either. But I was wondering what the long term effects of her antibiotic might be, if anything. I've looked online and haven't found a ton of info - nothing I didn't know, about allergic reactions side effects, etc.

I'm not even sure why I'm asking, b/c NOT taking them isn't an option!!

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I thought the main things were 1) her own immune system will weaken from always having a "crutch" and 2) that the virus (etc.) would eventually mutate making the antibiotic ineffective against it.

But I'm not a medical person, so hopefully someone more knowledeable will post....
I would think that her poor little gut would need some serious support with acidophilus supplementation. I’m not an expert either – hope someone can give you the answers you need.
Liver damage, kidney damage and intestinal damage are all that I'm aware of- of course there are other implications here. You are sure to see food allergies/intolerances, yeast overgrowth, a hampered immune system etc. There are plenty of natural things you can be doing to support her though. If you have committed to long term antibiotic use, I would suggest finding an ND or Homeopath who can support her system and treat her through this. They could couteract many of the side effects and prevent secondary problems associated with this type of usage. If you were interested (and I have no idea what her issue is so I'm not saying anything definitively) they may also be able to help you explore other options-maybe get her off of them, or at least reduce the exposure by helping her body fight for itself more. Natural medicine can work wonders in many seemingly impossible situations. HTH.
I would try to find an appropriate probiotic to use while she's on it to try and preserve some of her gut flora. If you vaccinate...I would recommend not vaccinating while she is on antibiotics.

I have severe Ulcerative colitis (which is an autoimmune disease) and my best guess as to what contributed to it is that I was on antibiotics almost constantly for recurring ear infections during my jr and sr year of HS. My doc insisted that I be vaccinated for Hep B during my sr year of HS since he wanted it done before I left for college. The summer after my sr year of HS I was diagnosed with UC.
I have no family history of gut that is the best I can come up with from my speculation.

I am glad you found something that works for her. Sometimes you just have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Originally Posted by sunshinegirls
I'm not even sure why I'm asking, b/c NOT taking them isn't an option!!

According to her doctor only?
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