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Egg Whites? Robitussen?

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Okay, I've heard reference to egg whites and Robitussen to help the little spermies along. Do people really use the egg whites? If so, how? And what is the process for Robitussen? I have fertile CM two to three days before I actually ovulate so would like to up the odds of getting pregnant by using some artificial fertile CM closer to my ovulation time.
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I never used the egg whites (taking charge of your fertility tells how) but the Robitussin didn't work very well for me. What I used that really worked this cycle (expecting #2!) was Evening primrose oil, 1500-3000mg per day and I drank large amounts of green tea. With the green tea, I tried it the month before and it didn't help a lot, so I really think it was the EPO. Good luck to you. Check out my chart if you want to see how many days of fertile CM I had this cycle.
Another good, low-tech way to possibly improve CM is carrots and grapefruit juice. I've heard that really ramps it up.

Good luck!!


PS -- no, I've really heard this! This isn't just another excuse to use the horny carrot smilie.
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Thank you! I'm excited to try anything and everything. After your notes I went into the kitchen and popped some primrose oil capsules into my mouth and ate a couple of baby carrots. Note to self: Buy grapefruit juice!
Robitussun is most typically used by people who have little to no cm, an unfortunate side effect to a lot of fertility drugs. It makes a watery cm for some people, but that is better than zero cm.

It has been a few years, but I think I took 1 teaspoon 3 different times during the day. Make sure it is just the guafamasin (sp?) with no antihistamine in it or it defeats the purpose. lol. You can often find the single ingredient one for cheaper in generics or in the kid's medicine.

I have heard of people using egg whites, but it is really messy and I was uncomfortable with the possibility of infecting myself.

My anecdotal info.....I used the Robotussin when conceiving DS - you have to use the "regular" kind. I believe I had a tsp 3x/day and started on CD5. Also, vitamin A can help (I drank diet V8 Splash like you wouldn't believe and, of course, carrots!!!) I've heard some things about a risk of infection with the egg whites, so I never tried that. Be sure, BTW, you're not using "lube" - like KY or Astroglide - it's not sperm friendly!! Good luck!!!
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