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Egg yolks and liver

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I've been giving DS (7 months) hard cooked egg yolks. He eats the whole yolk (and would be happy to eat more) and it agrees with his tummy, so I started giving him one every day, when I have my lunch. Is this overdoing it on the egg yolks? I know they are nutrition packed... maybe too much? He doesn't eat much else yet (other than breastmilk), he just has little nibbles of other things.

I was looking at these recommendations on the WAPF web site
and I noticed that they also suggest meat and liver for a baby starting solids. My mom says that liverwurst was my first food and I ate it all the time... I would like to try giving some liver to DS, but liver also seems like something that's so full of vitamins that it might be easy to overdo?

Where might I find a good summary of babies' nutritional requirements so that I could figure out how much of these rich foods would be OK to give him?
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i gave DS egg yolks regularly at that age, too. though not liver since we're vegetarian.

i can't think of what could be wrong with them. especially just one a day - that's such a small amount compared to how much breastmilk he must be taking in. and his tastes will expand in the coming months!
I haven't started any solids yet, but have read about egg yolk being a good first food. The source I read suggested softboiling the egg and feeding the warm runny yolk.
Can't comment on the egg yolks, but I would not give my baby the filter organ of an animal raised in most of the countries of the world. Their diet is so terrible and the drugs given them so many that I would avoid it all together. UNLESS it was organic.

Did I mention I'm a vegetarian?
babies' nutritional requirements? mama's milk contains all they need. solid food is all about learning to use their mouth, their tongue, their teeth and getting used to the texture and the taste up until about one year of age (give or take a month or two or more).

i wouldn't worry about giving him too much "rich" foods, considering that fats particularly are great for young children's developing brains. the extra vitamins and minerals in lots of foods are not in such high doses and not eaten in large enough amounts by a babe to cause concern about overdosing.

i might be concerned about a child developing a sensitivity to the elements of a certain food if i was feeding that food every day. it is a good idea to have somewhat of a rotation of foods (egg yolk for a few days, avocado for a few days, back to egg yolk, peaches for a few days, avocado, etc.) to prevent sensitization of the immune system and the subsequent development of an allergic reaction.

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