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How do you sew elastic into fabric? Do you have to stretch it out first or what? I want to make my own diapers but the only thing I've ever sewed that came out halfway decent were cloth pads and wipes, both of which I did on my serger. I'm guessing I'll need to break out the actual sewing machine for diapers. Links to photos/diagrams would be extremely helpful if anyone has them.
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Well different folks like differnt methods of elastic application onto nappies it seems.
I my self favour for serged nappies a three way zig zag all the way down the centre of the elastic and for Tand T'd I like to sew elastic down at both ends then create a casing when turned and ready to top stitch.
There are lots of good picture tutes out there,I am in a dash to take my little lad to a pirate party,but if no one else finds them in the meanwhile I will pop bakc later and ferret around in all my book marked places....It may be worth checking out the sticky section on here!

Bye for now

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