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elderly woman ticketed for crossing street too slow

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Good to know that the citizens of LA have the ever-watchful eye of the the LAPD protecting them.

If a scooter can't make it in time, someone NEEDS to change the light timings instead of giving Grandma a ticket.
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If high school students have to run to make it across then I would say the light is not long enough. I can't believe they are saying it is her word against his when there is a known problem at that light!!
Let's see Mr. Motorcycle cop. Ya think you could have pulled your bike up and helped make it safe for her to finish crossing by blocking traffic?

Even more pathetic, I know this neighborhood. It's not a good part of town, and there are about a million other things the cops could be looking out for besides little old ladies crossing the street.
One of the problems with the police state in which we live is that there is almost always a law that can be used to ticket/jail/fine someone in a given circumstance. The woman did, in fact, break the law. As such, the officer had the right to ticket her and the ticket will most likely stand. If you are going 57 miles an hour in a 55 zone a cop can stop you and ticket you. And search your car. It builds enmity between citizens and the people that are supposed to protect them.
In the article it said even teenagers had a difficult time crossing the street. The light went from green to red in 20 seconds.
All I can imagine is a police officer having a bad day (of course, he could just be a jerk) and some *really* bad publicity. What a stupid thing to give a ticket for.
I am all gd, but I think mr. ticket happy needs to have his bottom spanked by said lovely old lady's cane.
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There are some locations aroun here where the pedestrian has the right of way and some of them move slowly and others actually stop dead in their tracks in the middle of the street for a conversation.

There was a car full of elderly people last week at the local Wegmans who stopped traffic for a *long* time to load up five passengers *and* groceries (I mean backed up traffic) when there is a special lane that is designated for people loading and unloading.

Do *those* people get ticketed? NO!

Should they? At least scare them with a warning.

I was so hoping this article was about some inconsiderate old lady that was standing there like a cow holding up traffic as I see around here, but, no, of course not, of course some idiot police officer ticketed her instead of fixing the friggin sign.

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Bad day? I'd say the jerk was trying to fill his quota. *grrsnarl*
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