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Elevated Prolactin-natural remedy

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Hi, My sister is TTC and having some issues.. she asked if I would post about her problem to see if anyone has any ideas about it.

Her prolactin levles are elevated... she has tried bromocriptine but that made her very sick.. are there any natural remedies to lower prolactin levels? or homeopathic remedies?

She has had several miscarriages and no successfull pregnancies.

Thanks!!!!! I want her to be preggers soooo bad! She has gone through sooooo much already.

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Read up on the herb Vitex- it can lower prolactin. Most people are able to take it without side effects, though that isn't true for everyone, so be careful with it. The recommended does I've seen is usually to take it 3x/day.

She should also consider seeing a naturalist or doing accupuncture.

I hope your sister gets the baby she desires.
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