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elimination diet for me?

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I've been suffering from some bizarre intestinal distress for awhile now. I've come to believe that it might be a symptom of an allergy or at least a sensitivitiy to some particular food. I've been trying to track symptoms in relation to my diet, but the only thing I have figured out is that vegetables are BAD. I'm not convinced that I'm allergic to vegetables, I just know that they make the symptoms worse. My suspicion is that its some other food though, because I just can't believe that all vegetables make me sick.

I'm thinking about doing some sort of elimination diet experiment on myself. I guess there are two ways I could do this. 1) figure out some core group of foods that are unlikely to be causing the problem and eat only those for a bit to clear out my system. then slowly introduce new foods and see when my symptoms reappear. 2) pick a particular type of food to eliminate and see if avoiding it makes the symptoms go away. if not, then try another food.

Has anyone done something like this? ARe there recommended diets out there? I'm ready to just wing it if I have to, but I would love to find a plan I could follow.
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