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<b>Product name:</b> Ellaroo wide podaegi, narrow podagi<br><b><br>
Brief description of product:</b> A soft traditional Korean carrier, made of cotton. Consists of either a 1.5 foot wide, 3 foot long piece of fabric and a long (12 feet or so) strap extending out from the top corners of the fabric (narrow podaegi), OR, a large 3 x 3 square of fabric with a strap that extends out from the top corners. The strap goes out to the sides in line with the square of fabric, NOT at a 45 degree angle like the tops straps of a mei tai. So it's shaped like a capital "T" with skinny bars at the top and a fat, or very fat, stem.<br><br><b>Store/Site of purchase:</b> (wide), Attached to Baby (narrow)<br><br><b>Price:</b> $50 for wide, $40 for narrow.<br><br><b>How long have you used this product?</b> Three weeks but on three continents, in airports, trains, cars, the subway, and walking around New York City for two weeks.<br><br><b>Fit/Sizing:</b> These fit me, a 5'5", 116 lb woman, easily. The narrow and wide just fit my husband, 5'11", 220 lb man. If you are bigger than that you might want to special order longer straps for a backpack like carry.<br><br><b>Performance:</b> So much easier to don than the wrap I'd been using, which is great because that was just what I was looking for. I prefer the back shoulder and front shoulder carry but the no-straps carry is also workable. It also put less pressure on my shoulders and neck than a wrap- I think because it was easier to put it on well. I have been wearing DD more with this carrier because it's so easy. Also, because it's just one long strap, it's super easy to store.<br><br><b>Workmomship:</b> Beautiful. Not a stray thread.<br><br><b>Customer Service/Communication:</b> I didn't have any issues that required me to contact the company but when I sent a positive review they replied right away.<br><br><b>Would you purchase this product again?</b> Absolutely. In fact I'd like to get another one now.<br><br><b>Have you made a complaint to the WAHM about the product? If yes, please provide details of any resolution or lack thereof</b><br><br>
Additional Comments:<br><br>
Please feel free to PM me if you'd like to know more about the podaegi. I have a wrap, a mei tai, and two podaegis and am set on the pos. :)<br><br>
I give it (How many thumbs up out of five?): FIVE.
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