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Ellaroo vs. Storchenwiege

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Bwahahaaaa! That sounds like a Death Cage Match or something.

Is there a big difference between them in hot weather?
Is there a big difference in comfort/ease of use?
Is there a big difference in terms of their durability? I hear people pass Storch's down to their children! but is a roo really that much less durable?

I was going to pop for an Ellaroo and I thought a Storch was completely out of my price range but I found a really good price, not much more than the roo. So if there's a big difference in quality, I would scrape up the extra for it. Is it worth it? Should I do it?
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I have both, and I would definitely go for the Storch (especially the Leo weave, which is especially soft). The Storch is not much warmer that the Ellaroo, but I find a lot of difference in comfort.
I do not own a Storch yet but I have seen at Babywearing meeting and I love it. I would take a Storch over a Ella Roo in a hearbeat. I heard that some people prefer to wear the Ella Roo in the summer but do me it does not make a difference. And yes I agree go with the LEO it feels nicer than the striped Storchs
This is a late reply but I would like to say that even though the Storch's fabric quality is amazing and that it is very supportive, I sold my Ulli Storch after a couple of weeks...
At first I loved the Storch was, but after one week I was finding myself avoiding it - I found that the fabric was heavy and not as easy to tie.
I have since tried a Indio Red Didy and an Ellaroo and I like these much better. I love the Didy's fabric feel, beauty and comfort and I love the Ellaroo too - it is GORGEOUS and it just has the perfect coolness during hot summer days!!
Update -- I just bought a Didy and Storch a few weeks back and I both love them. The Ella Roo is definetly thinner than both of them. However if you really want a thin type of wrap why don't you try a gauze?
Gypsymama has great onces
I just wore my my 10 month old son in the Ellaroo in the back wrap cross carry while I pushed my 3yo in a stroller for a nice walk through my neighborhood to a baby shower. It's 95 degrees here and I think the Ellaroo is much lighter and suitable for the warm weather than the Storch. However, I think my Storch is more supportive for the rucksack/tibetan carry - which is how I often wear my son down to sleep at night. I think the Storch may be wider. But the Ellaroo has those nice, fringed ends which IMHO are more stylish for daytime use than the tapered points of the Storch.
I am loving our Ellaroo Larae!!

Yes, it is a bit less comfy than a Didy but it is so pretty, light and easy to tie...
If you are shy and don't like to call attention to yourself I recommend that you NOT get one - people literally will turn their heads to take a better look and stop you to say :that is the prettiest baby carrier I have ever seen"
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