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Embarressing Question

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Ok- I think I've almost sent this for three weeks. Try again. Building up nerve. Hoping it's not too right field


After nursing two kids ages ago, my nipples are uber sensitive. Anything brushing up against them (dh included
) is like nails on a chalk board. Anyone know anything to make them less sensitive? Any suggestions would be greatly apprieciated
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I wish I could help you, but I don't know LOL My nipples are like leather, nothing bugs them anymore.
Maybe you has Raynauds Syndrome...I have it and didn't know it until I was BF. My nips have always been super sensitive to touch esp light touch, loose clothing brushing against them, the shower stream hitting them unprotected and they were certainly off limits to DH and forget about the cold....ouch! ...BF has been an uphill battle to say the least...

With Raynauds Syndrome cold and light touches cause vasospasms which are painful...

If this is what you have then you can try taking VitB6, I'd have to check the dosage but it is on Dr. Newman's helps some people...I didn't notice a difference with me but I also had so many other things going on at the time that could have interfered. You can also get a Rx for Nfedipine which is actually a heart or blood pressure medicine but it helps RS...this did help me.
I'm not cured, but things are better than they is really cold here in NY so some days I just can't get warm so my nips are super sensitive on those colder days

Hope you find the help you need.
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