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*I posted this a few days ago in the main diapering forum and got no response- maybe this will be a better spot...

Next week, I'll be hand-dying and embellishing a bunch of unbleached prefolds and baby clothes, etc. I'll be using Dharma procion dyes (as that's the set-up my mom uses for dying quilt fabric, and I'll be using her supplies).

I'm planning on doing some tye-dye, some solids (very brights and black), and I'm sure my mom will have some ideas too.

I will do shirts/hats/onesies to match, and I'm also planning on doing some applique/embroidery on the butt of some of the prefolds.

I've also got some undyed woolies- some longies, a soaker, etc. that I'll be Kool-Aid dying. It will be a very crafty week!

Any recommendations from those who've been there/done that? Anything I should absolutely do/not do when dying and embellishing? I want to do the best I can! I'm very excited!
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