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Embrodered Diapers

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Ok maybe this is the wrong place to ask but I figure you ladies would know best. I now see these cute embrodered Fuzzi Bunz etc. How do you keep them from leaking since you are putting holes in the PUL? Do they seal back up somehow? Just wanted to know before I bought one!

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: I am wondering too...
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i haven't tried it, but i've heard of mamas ironing another piece of pul over the embroidery (pul side to pul side). rumor has it, when the pul is heated, it bonds to itself. makes sense, i guess.

but like i said, i haven't tried it.
Yes that makes sense. I figured there was some way to do it or they wouldn't be selling them.

Anyone else?
I'm just a child care WAHM, but maybe I can help... I have an embroidered VB pocket that has an extra "flap" of PUL in the back covering the embroidery with an extra 2-3 inches around. The shiny sides are together, and its not ironed on, just sewn in at the pocket opening. HTH!

ETA- I just got it off the clothes line to look, and actually the PUL flap covers the whole back half of the diaper and is sewn in at the legs too.
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Oh okay I think I have it! Thank you for looking!
I iron on the PUL and it does seal it very well...also seems to help secure the embroidery itself.
I keep looking at them also, I just have to have one soon
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