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Emergency brainstorm!

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O.k Tribal members,
I need you help.
I have a friend in our regional tribe.
She moved into a basement appartment with her husband
2 years ago. The appartment is part of her mothers home.
She moved there to be a help and support because:
The mom has mental illness, her husband (my friends stepfather)
has alzheimers, their teenage daughter (my friend's half sister)
as I remember is severly autistic.
As I'm sure you can imagine the arraignment has been interesting.
But recently it has gotten traumatic.
My friend had a baby.
The step-father has gone into a convelesent home.
The mother is alone more, and delusional.
The stress has been building.

Now she has four adult daughters from her first marriage.
(My friend is one of them)
The have power of attorney for their mom.
One sister is refusing to have any contact with the others.
And two of the sisters have decided they don't like my friend.
So they are selling the home out from underneath my friend.
She is a SAHM, on disability.
Her husband works part time and is trying to go back to school.
She is really devastated by this turn of events.
Moving isn't a very easy option, money is tight.
And their ability to get another place maybe difficult with their credit.

I'm posting here to get ideas, since she feels so hopeless.
She is trying to work on/with the situation.
Still I'm sure your good vibes and supportive ideas would be helpful.

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I don't want to sound like a sales rep, but she can talk to my husband if she wants to see about buying and what she can do (he is a mortgage broker and know all about house stuff) . I know that as a mom and wife with all those things going on, it would be total melt down.
Well, he can talk to her and help her out, even if she does not end up buying, he may have some pointers. just a thought. My husband LOVES helping...he rocks as human

602 686 2100

Is she rent free right now? I think some legal stuff needs to take place.
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