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Emergency Dental visit :(

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I am so bummed. I have to go to the dentist due to an apparent abscess on a tooth I have neglected for quite a few years. They will probably have to pull it since it is that bad. I had so wanted to take care of this tooth BEFORE I became pregnant and now it's hurting and inflamed AND the CNM said if the abscess bursts the infection can go to the baby
: !!!

I feel so stupid to have let it go for so long, but did not have the financial means or insurance AND I am so ridiculously afraid of dentists. I'm so good at brushing and flossing, but I obviously have either bad genes or bad experiences w/ dentists or both. I lost my front tooth due to the root being reabsorbed into the bone (it had a crown on it for 15 years), and two bone transplants to build up the bone area that went sour. Several failed crowns…uhg.

I also have to take antibiotics because I have to pre-medicate for a heart condition so I need to eat my yogurt and I wish I didn't have to take anything right now.

Please send good thoughts my way today-I'm REALLY not looking forward to this.
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It'll be okay! And you'll feel so much better too!
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Sorry to hear you're so worried and in so much pain! Just keep thinking of how much better you will feel AFTER its taken care of. And knowing that you're helping to protect your baby from a possible infection will help you get through the nervousness.

Take care and I'll be thinking of you!!
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OH goodness, I am so sorry you are dealing with this now!

Have you used Rescue Remedy? It is a Bach flower essence and helps with stress. You can get it at a health food store. I'd suggest it for your visit. It may help you chill out. Goodluck. I'll be thinking of you.

I had massive dental work back in Oct 2004. It was very stressful. I had all my silver fillings removed and replaced. Thank goodness I had a good dentist whose staff was good at hand holding. They really reassured me thru it all. I hope you are able to get caring and competent care too.
Thanks you guys for your well wishes.

Well, it's done thankfully. They got me in very quickly and this Dentist is a holistic dentist which I was impressed with.

We did have some trouble getting the CNM's office and the dental office to collaborate. The dentist really wanted an MD's signature on the paperwork from the CNM's office saying the procedure was okay and what he could and could not use on me; but the original paperwork had the CNM's sig on it and he didn't want to do anything without an MD's signature. SO, that had everything on hold till an MD faxed the paperwork back.

They did do two xrays, which I was bummed about, but I had the assistant drape a 2nd lead apron over my belly. They ended up pulling the tooth which was ouchy to say the least. After I have the baby I'll get a bridge there.

I just kept thinking I'm doing this for the little one, though of course I should do it for me as well, but truly I kept thinking of our baby and not wanting the gross infection going to him/her.

Thanks again for your thoughts towards me & baby.
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So glad you found a good dentist!
I avoided the dentist for years because I'd been reprimanded by previous dental hygenists for the condition of my teeth (which actually aren't too bad, considering I never brushed my teeth as a child! I hated it!). But it looks like alot of dentists are starting to get into the "make the patient comfortable" routine. I hear alot of commercials about it, and this dentist I started going to is great. He and his hygenists have never told me I'm doing anything bad. They just tell me what I need to do to keep my teeth healthy, and they give me positive reinforcement when possible.
I had two cavities when I went in the first time (one was in a tooth that had already had a previous filling), and the hygenist was pretty good about hand holding (quite literally!) during the scary parts involving needles, and it ended up not being nearly as bad as I expected.
And now I routinely go to my 6 month cleanings because I know they'll be friendly to me and not reprimand me because I have plaque on the bottom inside of my front teeth (I get alot of saliva pooling there, and the hygenist says it's just a genetic thing, not anything I'm doing wrong!).

Previously, I'd had one hygenist say "You WILL get gingivitis", and that freaked me out and made me not go to a dentist for 5 years! Who needs to be told that? My current hygenist checks the gum pockets and puts it all in the computer, and she tells me when they've gotten better, etc. Guess what? I haven't ever gotten gingivitis as of yet.
And the hygenist hasn't indicated that anything suggests I will. In fact, my gums have looked great since the first two cleanings (had to have a plaque picking session, then come back a few weeks later to get it again and have the real cleaning, and get my gum status checked).

Positive reinforcement from a dentist makes ALL the difference in the world!!! Anyway, glad you were able to get your tooth fixed. Not only can infection get to the baby, but it can also cause preterm labor and PPROM, so it's just good to get dental stuff like that taken care of. You're a good mom!
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I had a wisdom tooth abcess right after we were stationed at this base and I was 20wks preggo. It was horrible! I couldn't even open my mouth a finger width. Had to have an emergency dental visit with some random dentist and he was so mean to me. He gave me antibiotics and I felt better in a day!

I have to go and get fillings done next month. He is gonna give me a hard time about refusing mercury fillings but he can just jump off a bridge :p I had mercury fillings when preggo with my son and he has low functioning autism. I take NO chances with mercury when I am preggo. NO thanks!

I am sorry you are in so much pain. Tooth and mouth pain is some of the worst pain ever
Hope you feel better soon!

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Am totally empathizing. After 40-plus years of neglecting my dental care (and not really suffering for it) finally had a tooth go bonkers on me, and last pregnancy was told I needed a root canal. So I freaked, and he put a cap on it instead, said, "That should hold it for a few months," and that was that. Well, it's two-plus years later, never had the root canal ... and it's acting up again. And yeah, am pregnant again.

Am totally avoiding this. I know, not good.

Glad to hear your dental work went well. Might inspire me to get off my behind and get this out of the way, too ...

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Good vibes coming your way!

I am worried too, I haven't been to the dentist in ages and for the first 13 weeks of this pregnancy it made me puke to brush my teeth, so I chose not to do it.

Originally Posted by Evergreen
I am worried too, I haven't been to the dentist in ages...
Me neither...yikes...


Originally Posted by Evergreen
and for the first 13 weeks of this pregnancy it made me puke to brush my teeth, so I chose not to do it.
I'm glad I'm not the only one. I could sort of brush them in the morning, but not that long...but never at night. And I haven't flossed in weeks...
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You know I wonder how much pregnancy affects our teeth and gums. I had a pretty bad cleaning and my teeth were so sensitive that they could not properly scrape and clean them. They said it was because I use natural toothpaste and not flouride.
Soccermominsd- glad to hear your procedure went well!
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one w/ dental woes/fears. Though I am sorry ANY of us have to go through it.

I will say that though it was very difficult getting to the point of going and because I was worried to have to endure the xrays/local anesthetic-I feel so much better that yucky tooth is out of me for ME & BABY.

I believe pregnancy did make it worse and my teeth are now very sensitive, where they weren't before. I'll be going in for a cleaning next week to hopefully keep the dental fear warded off
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When you go for your cleaning, ask them if they can put anything on your teeth to minimize the sensitivity before they start. My front teeth are very sensitive to cold and the scraping done during cleaning. My hygenist brushes this product on that fills in the tiny little spaces (our teeth are actually somewhat porous) and it seriously minimizes any pain. It really works. I have no idea if it's compatible with beign pregnant but it does not numb the lips. gums or tongue. I think its more of a mechanical thing and not a chemical anesthethic. I wish I knew the name of it. I'll never have my teeth cleaned without it again!

Good luck.

It drives me NUTs to hear about dentists that make their patients feel so bad. i had one like that when i was a kid, and after they did a poorly anesthetized root canal on me when I had BRACES i beeged my mom not to take me back. She never did, and I picked our new family dentist. I am still there. He's going to chuckle about this pregnancy because he has been trying to x-ray me for YEARS, and I am either prenant or think I am.
It's a great way to avoid all those x-rays.
Anyway, I have to say I love my practice and I love the way they helped me throught the last pregnancy. My teeth were too sensitive to brush so they gave me an ultra soft brush and special toothpaste. They also got me in for 2 extra cleanings, one just after the birth. It felt soooo good to have clean teeth. Now that I can't brush without vommitting I have invested in Toms of main anti-plaque mouthwash. It helps a little. Good for the dry mouth tooo.
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