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Emergency? Ques. about pulse rate, fever

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Our 21 month old dd has had a fever all evening, seeming to max out around 40 deg C, possibly going down, but too soon to tell. We haven't bothered with going to the hospital, or given her anything for it yet since it never got above 40.5C (105F.) What concerns us now is her pulse rate. We measured it 3 times within half an hour, and got around 150bpm each time. This is with little to no activity (she's been lethargic all evening.)

When should we be concerned about her pulse rate?


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Sorry, double post. After I posted here, I realized there's a "health and healing" forum. Please respond to post here:
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I took DS to the ER a few months ago with the same concern. I was told a rapid pulse rate is common with a high fever. Getting that fever down to a more managable point is you number one priority. Try Motrin and a cool bath. And keep trying it.
Thanks for the advice and reassurance. Her fever subsided on its own yesterday after a mid-morning nap. She returned to normal pretty quick, without having to go to the hospital or give her tylenol. It was scary though!
yes, a rapid pulse if very common with a fever.

Hope she is feeling better
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