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Empty bed syndrome?

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At the end of the month, I will be moving, and my 3 1/2 yo Ds will be getting his own bed. In the past when he hasn't slept in the bed with me(he's fallen asleep on the couch or with his brother several times, and I just haven't moved him), I've had trouble sleeping. Will this go away, so that I can enjoy a non head-butting, no feet(or elbow, or knee) in the back, kid pushing me to the edge of the bed night of sleep?

Or am I doomed?
I've had a child in bed with me off and on for the last 10 years, I'd kinda like to enjoy a night in the bed by myself(well, with my husband for a few months before he's off to Kuwait)
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I went through the same thing with the bigger kids and now when the babe decides he wants to sleep with his brother. I sleep longer and deeper, but wake with a "OMG, where's the baby!" feeling.
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Aack, I am doomed!!

Well..maybe not, the dog will still sleep on the bed I guess.
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my 3years3months old has just started very occassionally to fall asleep when her father is reading her stories. If this happens then he sleeps with her and I have a night to myself (she usually falls asleep with me and then I sleep with her). I am expecting #2 in a few months - so these occassional nights alone have been very refreshing - but of course I have also missed dd terribly and have mixed feelings about her not being with me ..........................
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