empty ness
College Boy Reeve headed back to school yesterday after a really wonderful 4-week winter holiday with us, thereby reminding me that

1. The so-called Empty Nest Syndrome-which you would think I'd be O-VER-is not just a one-time thing one goes through and then moves on from. It appears that one can experience it again and again! and

2. Separation anxiety is not just for babies. (I know I worry about Reeve when he's away more than I need to-but it's impossible not to, so I try to keep it to myself. It's my own little closet hobby.)

On a brighter note, I'm thrilled that

1. Our 21-year-old has his own life to return to (and that he's excited about it!);

2. I like who Reeve has become and am proud of the way he moves about in the world; and

3. I enjoy his company so much that I grieve when he's gone. (How awful it would be to wish one's own child out the door whenever he or she came home for a visit. . .)

So, here we go again. Ouch and ouch. Meanwhile, I try to keep in mind words a wiser me said to Reeve when he left for school in Scotland a couple of years ago:

Longing is a privilege.



Late-night photo of the empty office hallway last night was taken on my iPhone with my favorite new toy: Hipstamatic-an app which essentially makes every shot stunning.

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