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Encourage me to CD

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My little Kacie is 2 weeks old. I was all excited about using cloth on her. I've got fitteds, prefolds, prowraps, and knitted wool ribby wraps.

What I don't have is the confidence to use them. OK-I've used a couple, but she soaked right through them in a matter of minutes.

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You can do it! They do kinda soak right thru them, so it's a LOT of diaper changes in the early weeks. But think of all the sposies you're not using! It's a challenge, I think, to CD a newborn, but it can be done.
Give 'er all you've got, mama.
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try pockets or aios first is my suggestion, then go to the fitteds and covers if you like, it seemed easier for me when I started with aio's and pockets. just a suggestion, hope you find an answer!
You can do it.

It just takes practice.
Do you have any extra washcloths or doublers? If you'd like your fitteds or prefolds to last a few extra minutes, you can throw a washcloth or doubler in there. Ds can wet through a premium prefold and hemp doubler (16 layers of cotton and 6 layers of hemp fleece) in less than 15 minutes. I'm guessing you have a heavy wetter, though.
It'll get better.

Fwiw, I started off with infant prefolds and ME AF (ds was 5mo). We changed tons of diapers, but ds didn't have the rash he has with sposies.
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I have a 7 week old, so I'm not far from where you are right now. I happened to have a package of sposies left over from my first ds, so I had a backup for a little while. But...once they were gone I obviously had to use cloth only. I have a few things that I really love and I've gotten better w/prefolds so that helps. My dd soaked through really quickly early on so I started using doublers when she was a few weeks old. That helps so that she can go a bit longer between changes.
Maybe you could just go cold turkey and get rid of the sposies? I also found that hanging around here and another diapering board gave me tons more confidence.
Good luck! Feel free to pm me if you need extra encouragement!
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You can do it! After the NB stage it just gets easier and easier.

I was like you before I began CDing. I had done all kinds of research and was set on CDing. Then when the time came I was just too chicken to start. Only when DS was 3 months did I go ahead and tried them. Now I regret I did not start earlier... all the cute dipes I could have bought with the money I spent on sposies for 3 month...

It is unusual that your baby will soak through a prefold before the time you would usually need to change a sposie. But if you think it still is a lot, you can always add some extra material in the middle of the diaper like one of the PPs suggested (a wash cloth or a doubler). We find that hemp makes wonderful doublers.

For overnight, get a good thirsty doubler with fleece topping. You can buy them ready or you can cut pieces of micro fleece yourself and lay on top of the doubler. This will wick the moisture away from your baby and keep her dry all night!!!

Later on when your baby is not soiling the diapers so often, you can move on to pocket diapers. We use them at night and when we go out. They are trim, easy and hold the baby dry

Edited to add - I have to second the PP:
Get rid of the sposies you have left ! It is much easier to do it cold turkey.
And yes, do hang around here! It is the best thing to keep you hooked on CD. The only problem is that you might get addicted :LOL
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have you washed your prefolds and other dipes many times? they don't reach full absorbancy until you've washed them often 6-8 times, especially unbleached prefolds.

and perhaps try doubling the diapers.

you can do it! your babe will thank you!

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the name of your dd! I have a Kacey (spelled a little different) too. I cloth diapered my third pretty much from birth. There were lots of changes, he peed through his kissaluvs within minutes. I started using doublers on him and that helped some. I also used FB at night and then I didn't have to change him as much at night. What dipes have you tried that she peed through? CPfs in a wrap like a Bummis is also an easy way to go. I felt that even his 4x6x4 infant prefolds were more absorbant trifolded in a wrap than the kissaluvs were.
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Think of it this change them more often so you get to use your cute, fluffy cloth diapers even more!

Think of that soft, fluffy cloth on her butt instead of hard, scratchy paper and plastic disposables! Think of the fact that she won't be sitting in chemicals all day! Think of the $ you are saving! Think of the benefits to the environment because you won't be contributing to the tons of diapers sitting in landfills!

You can do it!!!....Come here more often and you'll be hooked. If you have a boppy it's really easy to nurse and type...:LOL
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You can do it!!

We started CDing my DD when she was 3+ months old. Both my DSs have been CDed once they came home from the hospital.
It seems daunting at first but you can do it.

First: yep newborns pee a lot. For the first 6+ weeks the 'output' is amazing.
: You might need to add more layers by using doublers.

Second: what exactly are you using. Some things are more absorbent than others. Let us know what you are using and we can help you figure out a solutions.

Third: has everything been washed a couple times in REALLY hot water? You need to prep some fabrics more than others. Especially new prefolds (unbleached take at least 5+ hot waters often) and hemp.

Fourth: You haven't used fabric softener on them have you? That's a major
. It will really interfere with absorbancy.

We're here to help if we can.
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