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encouraging #2 to be in crib??

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DD#2 is now 6 months old and has been sleeping through the night on a few occassions. I have found myself trying to get her to sleep in her crib at night (right next to our bed, not as a cosleeper, but steps away) since we then don't disturb her when we go to bed. I have starting wondering about this and feeling a bit guilty that I am not encouraging the family bed with her more. She is not in the crib fulltime, but then she is not in our bed either fulltime.

I feel that I am doing this because of our experience with DD#1's sleep habits. She cosleep until she was 2, basically when her sister arrived. As of this week, she can get herself to sleep (sort of) and has on occassion slept through the night. Prior to this we have had lengthy getting to sleep times and multiple night wakings. I guess what I am saying is that I have felt that the way DD1 sleeps has been super hard work for her parents, and was really hoping that DD2 would not need so much involvment from us. This seems to be the case, more or less, but I am wondering about the crib thing.

The reason I wanted to use a crib in the first place is 1)because of rolling out of the bed (had a number of problems with this with DD1) and 2)DD1 could never get to sleep by herself because she could always get out of bed.

So, what do you think? Anyone else deal with this?
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I know this is not suppose to anti co-sleep, but I let my 1st one co-sleep with us, and I just couldn't deal with it after 9 months. He just didn't sleep. So, I let him CIO (this was back in 1990, way before MDC, and my mom, being a retired LLL Leader, said to do it...I thought it was the right thing to do!). Now, with the last 5 co-sleeping except for nursing and if I fall asleep then oh, well. But when I wake up, and they are still sleeping, I move them to their crib. Cribs have been in my room, and in their own room. I don't CIO though. I can't believe I did that!!
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