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Just wanted to let all you wonderful ladies know that I keep you in my thoughts daily. Unfortunately, I didn't discover the MDC boards until just a couple months ago, otherwise I would have been here too!

Anyway, this post is to offer some encouragment to all of you, but especially those who have been TTC for more than a year or two. After 5 years TTC with PCOS we are expecting a daughter in September!

We were at the end of the road, activly researching adoption, and had pretty much given up on getting pg. Our journey included clomid, glucophage, hcg injections, progesterone (oral & suppository), 4 failed IUI's, and a failed ovarian drilling/hysteroscopy/hysterosalpingogram/lap. We didn't do injections or IVF simply because we could not afford to & still adopt if we were unsuccessful.

Now the advice for everyone with PCOS out to your RE about glucophage if you havn't done so already! I
glucophage! My last doc (an GYN actually with some infertility background) was finally the one who agreed to prescribe glucophage for me as a long term thing.

For years I'd tried to talk my provider's into letting me try just glucophage by itself, but nobody ever would.
If I wasn't combining it with Clomid they wouldn't give it to me. I knew it was doing something since the Clomid did not work AT ALL without it, and the only time I ever lost weight was when I was taking the glucophage.

Anyway, this wonderful local GYN agreed to let me try it out. I was actually doing it to loose weight, and figured if I happened to O that would be great to (we were starting adoption stuff remember.) I was on 1500 mg (one 500 mg tab w/each meal). I started in January 03. In August 03 I had my first cycle in over a year. August-September I had a 49 day cycle. September-October I had a 42 day cycle. October-November I had a 36 day cycle. November-December I had a 30 day cycle & got pregnant with DD.

I was keeping track of my cycles & weight on a calendar, but not charting & not timing sex at all. We got our bfp on 1/8 and I was slowly tapered off the glucophage until week 12 when I stopped it all together. During that year, not only did I start cycling on my own, but I lost almost 40 lbs with absolutly no change to my diet or exercise.

Needless to say I *strongly* encourage anyone with PCOS who is ttc to speak with thier provider about glucophage. I know how very lucky we are, but I also know that I wouldn't be pg now if I hadn't keep at it until I found a doc who was willing to let me try what I felt would work.

Here's lots of
for everyone...

Many prayers & positive thoughts,

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