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Even though preschool is so good for many things-socialization, academics and so forth--sickness is one of the things we wish we could take away from that experience.

My DD hasn't started school yet, but I'm a teacher so I know how illnesses seem non-stop with kids in a classroom always having close proximity to each other. The best advice I can give you is to start her on Vitamin D, C and probiotic supplements as soon as possible. Actually everyone in your home can take this as an immune system booster.

Around this time of the year I always give up DD's daily vitamin D dosage to around 2000-3000 iu a day. Studies show that most Americans are deficient in vitamin D and when were deficient in that vitamin it lowers our immune system response and opens up the door for illnesses to come in. Also a good vitamin C supplement such as tummies or Hylands is good as well. Probiotics are good bacteria for the gut and again studies show that immune system health begins in your gut. I give my kids Vitamin Code Raw probiotics in powder form.

Hope everyone starts feeling better soon, sick kids are so pitiful.
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