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It's been a few weeks since I've been on, with the holidays and a family visit, but I thought I'd post an update.<br><br>
I'm definitely doing better than I was a few weeks ago! Still super tired, but I don't feel like I'm dying, so that's good!<br><br>
I started by focusing on getting in one nutritious meal per day (dinner) and just made sure it was as loaded with all healthy foods as I could get it. Whatever else I ate during the day, I ignored and just focused my energy on the one meal, it's all I could manage.<br><br>
Now I'm focusing on doing the same with breakfast, with dinner leftovers for lunch. I'm hoping to get up to three healthy whole food based meals, plus snacks. I just didn't have the energy to cook for so long and convenience foods were unappealing, but at least easy. Trying to get back into healthy habits is hard (especially while my in-laws were here, but that's its own thread! Lol.)<br><br>
For water intake: I fill up two glasses at once and leave one on the counter to get to room temp while I drink the other and then refill it from our fridge filter and rotate, so I'm not drinking ice cold water when it's freezing outside, which I really struggle with. I have a huge water bottle that I was filling up, but my boys kept commandeering it. Ha. I also try to do at least a cup of pregnancy tea everyday, but still not finding it very palatable.<br><br>
I upped my vit D, taking 4,000 ius in addition to the 1,000 in my prenatal. I'm waiting for the mail to bring my protein powder & a new iron supplement with vitamin B, hopefully those two things will do the trick to get me all the way back to normal!
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