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Hello everyone. I hope you've had a good day.

If you start reading this, please don't hit the back button on your browser too soon because you think it is going to be downer. It might even come off a little deep but -- Please let me share my sunshine!

I seem to have been struggling with my day, so that brought me here. I seem to feel a bond to this forum, I realize I could probably find many of you and your caring supportive words in many of the other forums here, but this one just felt right. That said, I may be in the wrong forum, if so pick me up and move me and my sunshine.

Do any of you ever have those moments where you feel like things are getting you down and your on the verge of the weepies
-- but you stop, step back and with amazement or even a chuckle wonder "Are these (almost) tears, tears of frustration or tears of joy? Is this tightness in my chest anxiety or overwhelming love and exhiliration?"

As many of you have learned from my many posts here over the past couple of weeks, we are new to CDing. Starting out, especially after 8.5 months of sposies, can be quite the challange.
Yeah there is the cost and the learning curve. But, there is also the mind set for yourself AND your support system.

In addition to trying to figure this out and make it successful, we, like so many of you, have had lots of other "things" on our plate. The coming days seem so foreboding DS -- has to have, what I feel to be a pretty invasive, test on Friday for a dialated kidney that was discovered during the pregnancy. This was supposed to clear up as he sprouted in his beanstalk like way, but the opposite is happening, it seems to be getting worse.

On top of that, I had a chronic medical problems, bronchial and asthma, before the pregnancy. I had not experienced any episodes for about a year before I got pregnant. During the pregnancy my lung capacity plumited to the low 30 percentile. In addition I had what they felt were two pulmonary embolisms. All said and done, once the pregnancy was over I should have been 100%. Well, that hasn't happened and I am around 57% lung capacity now. We are working with the drs to find out why. I tell you this part to explain why the basic days of being mommy seem a little harder and more exhausting for me.

I know that there are sooooo many people that have it much worse than we do, maybe even some of you reading this. Sometimes this realization just doesn't help.

Now the dipes come into play. As you get to know me you will find that I am quite STUBBORN
(and a talker
) and I will keep at CDing until it works. We started off w/ 6 fitteds, two covers (he can't wear these), 3 wool liners and eventually a wool soaker late last week. The fitteds really aren't cutting the mustard even w/ the liners. It is amazing, but you really don't know how much they wee wee until you CD!!

Mainly from you, I have been able to purchase some more fitteds a couple of AIOs and pockets and a couple of covers. We got the pockets (I believe this is what they are called) and a fitted yesterday and stripped them and the rest of our stash. We wore our first pocket out today - DISASTER! I had a doubler and a (babies r us) cloth dipe, folded over length wise, in there and he was soaked through to his shorts in right at 2 hours. Too, he seemed to have what we now have learned is a reaction to the PUL . It seems that it crept up a little out of the back of the dipe and his little back is red, rashy - poor fella!

So you see, especially until the fluff gets here, we have more that doesn't work than does. We got a great deal at the TP and went ahead and got 5 of the pockets!
: Can't use 'em.
Can't sell 'em.
I could go to eBay, and I have sold other things, bt i'm pretty much fed up with that selling environment (to many burns). I want to put them back into our community here, where I know they will be well used and I have 1.5 mos before I can do that. We will still make it work!!!!
I may even try to use some of these at the "I want to help" thread.

In all of my frustration and trepidation, you see, I still have
Put your sunglasses
honey here comes my sunshine - my darling son
, my fabulous hubby
AND your threads/posts/PMs (these too are fluff to me), my fluff mail
. Yep, everything aside
: has also become my sunshine - I look forward to the fluff deliveries
, I look forward to coming here and offering any support I can
, I look forward to learning about all of this from you and learning all about you
(last but certainly not least) I look forward to Dylan's adorable lil'
waddling around even in the bulkiest of cloth dipes!

I hope I haven't bored
you silly. After all of this
my goal was just to share that even though I might be feelin' low
my sun has so many reasons to shine even brighter - CDing and you help make it that way!!!! I know it was long, but I wanted to thank you
and I hope to have given you too some extra fluff too!

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Melanie!! You've got a great outlook!!! And tomorrow's another day

Maybe you can tell us what fitteds you've tried so we can help out. I'm a newbie to fitteds but I know that hemp works really well for us and DS is a super day pee'er. Sorry about the pockets but I'm sure you will find something that will fit. What are your DS's measurements - maybe that will help someone with a suggestion for you too.

Good luck with his test on Friday too

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Yes, tell us more about what you are using that doesn't work, and anything you have that does. There is so much diapering wisdom here I am sure everyone can help you find a solutions without having to spend a fortune. And, definitely post your son's size and measurements.
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