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I just ordered a bunch of diapers...i havent used cloth in years (and then it was only for a little while.) I have a new foster baby, so i took the plunge. The baby is about 6 wks old now, kinda chunky, and was 11 #s 4 oz last week.<br><br>
This is what i have ordered:<br><br>
7 Motherease Sandys in bamboo w/ liners (small-fits to 20 pounds)<br>
6 ME AIOs (small)<br>
4 Air flow snap covers med (one each in their ecoprints, so cute!)<br><br>
I might want to order more AIOs depending on how they fit, or i might want to get some AIOs from a different company, like Bum Genius. Havent decided. (I used ME when i cloth diapered my son years ago, which is why i've started my stash here.)<br><br>
Then i just ordered the following from Green Mountain Diapers:<br><br>
1 Doz. yellow edge prefolds (infant)<br>
2 Snappis<br>
2 BSWW prints (small)<br>
1 Bummis super brite (small)<br>
2 Thirsties covers<br><br>
I also added an XL pail liner, a wet bag tote and a matching cute changing pad for the diaper bag (couldnt resist.)<br><br>
I might order more prefolds if i actually like them (he gets changed so often i'm thinking it might be easier to do prefolds now while he isnt too squirmy...he hates hates hates to be wet so i'm changing the disposable every hour anyway)...but didnt want to order too many right away if they arent the direction i want to take.<br><br>
I also have some dipes i won off ebay or bought on diaperswappers:<br><br>
5 sm sandys<br>
4sammys one size<br>
2 ecobaby onesize<br>
2 bambineos (?)...supposed to be one size but they are kinda big<br>
2 jam tots...(?)...look fitted but they dont fasten<br>
and one WAMH AIO the seller threw in as a bonus<br><br> many days should i expect these dipes to last...two? Is there anything you'd recommend adding or not adding more of? I checked out some pockets at a local diaper store....and i feel i am soooo not a pocket girl. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Embarrassment"> I'd like to do all AIOs but doubt thats practical.<br><br>

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You've got plenty for now!!! I don't know how long they will last - but you'll have enough time to figure it out - you sound excited!
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