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entertaining baby?

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i know i already posted once about guilt abotu how happy baby is..just momma worries..
anyway here is my *new* issue..heh.. they are endless these dayz.
baby has *happy times*.. i know she will be alert and happy and want ultra stimulation...her ealry one happens to be when i am half asleep ealry in the morning.. i play with her as long as i can.. but i get so tired.. i sometimes ask dh to even take her to cuddle her while i sleep a bit more.. tired from nursing through the night..
but i am feeling bad about it..i know with all my other kids i would at time feels like i was "making conversation" with a stranger...and i am gettin' that again.. does anyone feel like it being a bad momma to NOT keep a running commentary with your baby???
this sounds silly.. but it is actually plaguing me..heh
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Dr Spock, who is IMO really wonderful (his book, I mean, I know he's dead), says something like, "You don't have to be talking a blue streak at him the whole time. He's getting a sense of how much you mean to each other just by being companionable with you."

I am overwhelmed enough with other stuff this time 'round that I wonder if my baby is getting "enough stimulation" too- not enough games and songs and "activities" even with me- I am always getting him occupied so I can do something else, though he is always with me and I enjoy him, get the picture. He is happy enough that I can sort of take advantage of that, and then I feel guilty too. He doesn't sleep well, though, so I guess that's my punishment.

And frankly I've seen parents who feel the need constantly to stimulate and entertain their babies, and they end up with really cranky, spoiled kids IMO, who can't entertain themselves for an instant.
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I have the same worries! With my first, I stimulated DD ALL the time. It was just she and I all day, so what else was I to do, kwim?! Now, with DS, DD is 2.5 yrs old and she keeps me so busy I feel as though he is getting nothing from me other than companionship, food and snuggles. I guess he is getting the running commentary due to the fact that DD and I talk all day, but it doesn't feel the same and I feel so guilty a lot of the time. Seems like the times that he is alert and receptive, I am either trying to take DD somewhere, cook dinner, or sleep (since he seems to still have a switched day/night cycle).

So - I'm with ya!

We have the same situation...dd#1 got tons of attention as a baby, since she was the only one. She still gets most of the attention, since she DEMANDS it. Dd#2 is very mellow, and I do give her daily attention, I talk with her, etc. -- but she certainly isn't getting as much one-on-one as dd#1 did. So I, too, worry that I'm shortchanging my baby somehow.
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