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ENTs in NoVA?

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My daughter is almost 4 weeks old, and we've been having trouble BFing. The LC thinks that she has a posterior tongue tie. My son was also tongue-tied, but he had the anterior ("classic") version, which was an easy fix. I asked the pediatrician and a friend who's an ENT about the posterior tongue tie, and neither of them had heard of it. It seems like it's an obscure-enough thing that a lot of doctors have no knowledge of it, so I'm looking for an ENT who has experience treating it.

I've heard Dr. Bosworth in Rockville recommended for this condition, but I'd like to avoid that drive if possible-- we're in Ashburn, and I need to be home as much as possible to pump to keep my supply up.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Our daughter's TT was severe, and we saw Dr. Dash in Fredericksburg. That would be pretty far south for you to travel, but maybe the office has contacts further north?
No idea on his experience with posterior tongue tie... but we saw Dr. Gardner of ENT Specialists of Northern Virginia when my DS was a week old for anterior TT. Might be worth giving one of their offices a call to see if it is something they have much experience with. Good luck!
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