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Environmental Garbage Bags?

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On another post, Yooper gave a great idea about lining a diaper/family cloth pail using a pillow case --love it! Plan on trying that with all the garbage cans in our home; however, I was wondering if anyone has done this with their kitchen garbage can? Also, do you have an environmental suggestion for the main garbage can? Right now, I reuse the plastic bags that I get from Target/Wal-mart.
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i think seventh generation makes garbage bags.
We re-use store plastic bags in all of our garbage cans. How do you dispose of your trash once it's out of the house? If you haul it to the dump (as we do) you can probably put it in cans without bags. If you're provided with a can by your trash hauler (as most of our neighbors are), a machine empties it into the truck and they don't require bags either.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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