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EPing from the start - were you able to keep up w/ baby?

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If you EP'd from the start, were you able to keep up with DC's demands feeding wise? If so, did you just pump, or did you take meds/supplements or something else to help your supply?

TIA! (and sorry for all of the pumping q's!)
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No I could not keep up with my son. So we did have to supplement. I was also taking Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle. Nothing helped to keep up with him.

Thankfully with this baby I have had no problem breastfeeding so far.
I did not "exclusively pump" but I did pump a lot! and was able to keep up. My friend had to "exclusively pump" and she was succesful
I think you just have to stay dedicated......and if you notice the need for more oz begin increasing pumping maybe (get an extra pump in each day) for a few weeks to increase supply, once your are expressing more ounces go back to normal pumping schedule.
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I had to supplement with about one bottle a day for the first couple months I think. Then we went about a year with no supplements. Then I started to get a little lazy so we supplemented again.

If one bottle of formula a day reduces the stresses of pumping enough that you keep pumping rather than stop, I think it is totally worth it.
I was able to keep up. Actually, I was ahead of the game for at least 9 mos. Then she caught up. I ate oatmeal everyday.
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