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Don't forget me! Although I'm not hanging out with labor buddies, I do want to represent on the main thread

ladylee (lee)-#2 repeat cesarean delivery 9/19, 7:30 am PST!

Had my 37 week appointment today-all is great. Excellent BP, baby measuring perfectly at 37 weeks, and she's up high. Which is fine with me--I'm happy to feel this comfortable at this stage and to keep up the status quo day by day. It's been a great pregnancy, I'm not in any rush to end it, but at the same time I have dreams of our new daughter and what she will be like and am eager for her to come to us. DH and I are so incredibly lovey dovey it must be sickening to others, I think we should quarantine ourselves. I'm sure that will change once we're hit with sleep deprivation! :LOL

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I think aquarianangela was the first Sept mama to birth and is waiting over in Life with a Babe...

Sibling preparation

I feel really, really good about 3.5 yo dd's level of acceptance and excitement about the baby coming. We've been prepping her all throughout the pregnancy & it's been neat watching her adapt more and more. She has a fascination for anything to do with the body and its functions and wants to be a doctor--so we showed her both a natural birth, and when the opportunity presented itself recently on a news program, a cesarean birth. We explained what would be happening with her mommy and sister--she was very excited and grasped it very well.
She's picked out gifts for the baby, and today she told me she didn't want to go to school until she saw the baby come (a big compliment, even though she won't be going to K for another 2 years, it's something she talks about on a daily basis.)

Mom coming to help

I also can't wait, mahdokht-my mother is coming around the same time as yours. Her presence is so soothing, and I would also rather have her here more after than before. Can't wait to see her and share the children with her!

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Hi Ruth-I remember you from other threads

Adding myself to the main list:

Screen Name Real Name Birth No. EDD where what's going on…
Lactationmom 3-Sep home w/midwife some contrax nothing to report
petitemama (laurie) #5 3-Sep homebirth w/ midwife lots of pressure and hip pain
akirasmama (laurie) #2 4-Sep contrax 5 mins apart 4 cms… labor started stopped and has started again
Anmarie Anmarie #2 4-Sep Home/h2o Alannah was born at 7:02 (9/3) at home in the pool-8lbs 13oz just over 20inches!!!
CTMOMOF2 (Tracey) #2 5-Sep Hospital OB contrax 4 mins apart for 20 hrs then Nothing now horly contrax but nothing exciting…
cobluegirl (rachael) #3 9-Sep hospital nothing happening yet
Carolyn #3 10-Sep Home Pressure
Emma #2 12-Sep Hospital Nothing yet
apple (Jamie) #1 14-Sep Hospital w/ CNM losing plug
Eman'smom #2 mid Sept some contrax
Lisa_Lynn (Lisa) #1 17-Sep Home
Mommy Stormraven (Michele) #3 17-Sep Home water birth
dallaschildren 18-Sep csect boy
ladylee (lee) September 19 cesarean delivery-girl!
MammaKathryns 19-Sep girl
Ravin #1 20-Sep hospital
Sagira #1 21-Sep Birth Center
1stTimeMummytoLore (Kate) #1 22-Sep Birth Center w/CNM
shanetedissac (shane) #3 24-Sep Home
seven_lux #1 25-Sep hospital
anabean (Ana) 25-Sep hospital w/ cnm 2 doulas
Amywillo (Amy) #2 26-Sep
mahdokht 28-Sep home w/midwife
cllovato #2 28-Sep labor at home birth at hospital w/ cnm/ob
Mamaley #2 30-Sep birth center
jennifer (sabin) Oct
weesej (jen) #4 Oct homebirth w/ midwife
mamapenelope #4 October Home
Nik's Mommy (christine) 1-Oct
mamarsupial (autumn) #2 4-Oct hospital w/ cnm & doula
rootsaloo (Ruth) #3 4-October homebirth
Aspen 8-Oct
hikaru #2 14-Oct birthing clinic (doc/midwives)
jazzpurr88 #1 14-Oct
Rikki #5 17-Oct home
BellaMay 25-Oct
halah (jennifer) #2 25-Oct homebirth
Czen #3 26-Oct home w/ midwife & doula
grandmasgirl 27-Oct birth center boy
kerikadi (keri) 28-Oct homebirth
Louise #4 late Oct uc

Postpartum care

Last time I didn't arrange for enough--dh was in grad school and working full-time and quite unavailable, my mother only stayed for a week. You need more help when recovering from a cesarean (even superhuman moi, :LOL.)

This time dh has been working from home a lot (heaven! he can play with dd#1,) and will continue for another couple of months after the birth, and my mother has an open return ticket


Last time I didn't bother with anything and I so hated wearing the hospital gowns. This time I went and got some nice lounging clothes and want to make an effort for myself to feel more comfortable.

You learn a lot from the first time!

Today I'm doing yoga and going for a swim to stretch out these muscles of mine

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Carseat placement with two

I called the California Highway Patrol about this a few months ago, and they said the safest placement statistically is to have the babyseat in the middle, the toddler seat on the left side, behind the driver. They said there are fewer accidents impacting the left side than the right.
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