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Hey friends,
I don't post much but I love this community. Used to be on the list but somehow got lost. I am Ruth Due October 4 planning my 3rd homebirth. Just got my carseat today... felt good to get that out of the way. Now we just need to get firewood!

Sex - love pregnancy sex, can't get enough...

Preparation - took a hypnobirthing course, didn't get that much out of it, now I am doing the hypnobabies home course which I really like, I'll let you all know if it really works in about a month.

Did anyone here do a sibling class? I spent so much time with my first prepping her for the arrival of the second. I have done hardly any prepping for my four year old. We watched a couple of birth videos and thats about it. She said that she doesn't want to be there to see the baby come out "all bloody and yucky" but she wants to be the one to tell us if its a boy or a girl. I figure we'll play it by ear.

Happy labor vibes to all!

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Wanted to add myself to the list:

Screen Name Real Name Birth No. EDD where what's going on…
Lactationmom 3-Sep home w/midwife some contrax nothing to report
petitemama (laurie) #5 3-Sep homebirth w/ midwife lots of pressure and hip pain
akirasmama (laurie) #2 4-Sep contrax 5 mins apart 4 cms… labor started stopped and has started again
Anmarie Anmarie #2 4-Sep Home/h2o Alannah was born at 7:02 (9/3) at home in the pool-8lbs 13oz just over 20inches!!!
CTMOMOF2 (Tracey) #2 5-Sep Hospital OB contrax 4 mins apart for 20 hrs then Nothing now horly contrax but nothing exciting…
cobluegirl (rachael) #3 9-Sep hospital nothing happening yet
Carolyn #3 10-Sep Home Pressure
Emma #2 12-Sep Hospital Nothing yet
apple (Jamie) #1 14-Sep Hospital w/ CNM losing plug
Eman'smom #2 mid Sept some contrax
Lisa_Lynn (Lisa) #1 17-Sep Home
Mommy Stormraven (Michele) #3 17-Sep Home water birth
dallaschildren 18-Sep csect boy
MammaKathryns 19-Sep girl
Ravin #1 20-Sep hospital
Sagira #1 21-Sep Birth Center
1stTimeMummytoLore (Kate) #1 22-Sep Birth Center w/CNM
shanetedissac (shane) #3 24-Sep Home
seven_lux #1 25-Sep hospital
anabean (Ana) 25-Sep hospital w/ cnm 2 doulas
Amywillo (Amy) #2 26-Sep
mahdokht 28-Sep home w/midwife
cllovato #2 28-Sep labor at home birth at hospital w/ cnm/ob
Mamaley #2 30-Sep birth center
jennifer (sabin) Oct
weesej (jen) #4 Oct homebirth w/ midwife
mamapenelope #4 October Home
Nik's Mommy (christine) 1-Oct
mamarsupial (autumn) #2 4-Oct hospital w/ cnm & doula
rootsaloo (Ruth) #3 4-October homebirth
Aspen 8-Oct
hikaru #2 14-Oct birthing clinic (doc/midwives)
jazzpurr88 #1 14-Oct
Rikki #5 17-Oct home
BellaMay 25-Oct
halah (jennifer) #2 25-Oct homebirth
Czen #3 26-Oct home w/ midwife & doula
grandmasgirl 27-Oct birth center boy
kerikadi (keri) 28-Oct homebirth
Louise #4 late Oct uc

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Hi Gals,

Wanted to chime in on the breast discussion. I used to work as a lactation consultant in a hospital, went to a breaastfeeding conference. One of the speakers had worked in Africa. She said that women in Africa do not understand the american male obsession with breasts. The African women wondered if American men were hungry! That made me laugh... evidently african men are much more interested in hips, thighs and butts, the bigger the better.

Postpartum Sex - While my dh and I enjoy the best sex ever while I am pregnant, postpartum is a completely different story. We've gone about two years, no sex, after each of my kids. With baby constantly on my body I just can't tolerate any more touch, especially breasts. Fortunately my patient husband is adept at fulfilling his own needs but he has asked that we not go quite so long after this baby. This is probably our last baby, I'll be so sad to see the heightened libido go!

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