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I had another prenatal today. I am now two centimeters dilated, sixty percent effaced and the baby's head is really really low (engaged?). I think she thinks it might be soon. I am not sure what I think, though.

Congratulations, Anmarie!

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1. Aquarianangela #1 edd Sep 5 born at hospital July 13 at 32 weeks abigail elizabeth 3lb 15oz
2. Anmarie -#2 4-Sep Home/h2o Alannah was born at 7:02 (9/3) at home in the pool-8lbs 13oz just over 20inches!!!
3. Sagira #1 21-Sep Birth Center - Brandon William Zachary born 9/2/03; 7:18 pm, @ 38 wks. 6lbs 15oz, 20 1/2 inches (17 hours total)
4. petitemama (laurie) #5 3-Sep homebirth w/ midwife lots of pressure and hip pain -- Angelina Palmeida born 9/5/03, 7:55 am, 7lbs 15 oz, 21 1/2 inches... 2 hrs 45 mins total start to finish!
5. mama2girls - 7-sept, Sage Elizabeth born 9/5/03, 6 lbs 3 oz at 39w 5ds, 8 hours of labor total.

CONGRATS MOMMA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matrons in waiting...

Screen Name - Real Name - Birth No. - EDD - where - what's going on?
Lactationmom 3-Sep home w/midwife some contrax nothing to report
akirasmama (laurie) #2 4-Sep contrax 5 mins apart 4 cms? Labour stopping and starting all week!
CTMOMOF2 (Tracey) #2 5-Sep Hospital OB contrax 4 mins apart for 20 hrs then Nothing now horly contrax but nothing exciting?
******'smom #3- Sept 8- homebirth
cobluegirl (rachael) #3 9-Sep hospital -back cramps
Carolyn #3 10-Sep Home - Pressure, -some contrax
Emma #2 12-Sep Hospital -Contrax 7-8 mins apart, mucus/blood
apple (Jamie) #1 14-Sep Hospital w/ CNM lost mucus plug, 2 cm dilated and 60% effaced
Eman'smom #2 mid Sept some contrax, more frequent contrax & painful, 1cm Lisa_Lynn (Lisa) #1 17-Sep Home
Mommy Stormraven (Michele) #3 17-Sep Home water birth
dallaschildren 18-Sep csect boy
ladylee (lee) September 19 cesarean delivery-girl!
MammaKathryns 19-Sep girl
Ravin #1 20-Sep hospital
1stTimeMummytoLore (Kate) #1 22-Sep Birth Center w/CNM- about 15 hours of 40 second ctx, 3-5 min apart and now nothing but a lower back ache-- 2 cm & 50%, contrax
shanetedissac (shane) #3 24-Sep Home
seven_lux #1 25-Sep hospital
anabean (Ana) 25-Sep hospital w/ cnm 2 doulas
Amywillo (Amy) #2 26-Sep
mahdokht 28-Sep home w/midwife
cllovato #2 28-Sep labor at home birth at hospital w/ cnm/ob
Mamaley #2 30-Sep birth center
jennifer (sabin) Oct
weesej (jen) #4 Oct homebirth w/ midwife
mamapenelope #4 October Home
Nik's Mommy (christine) 1-Oct
mamarsupial (autumn) #2 4-Oct hospital w/ cnm & doula
rootsaloo (Ruth) #3 4-October homebirth
Aspen 8-Oct
hikaru #2 14-Oct birthing clinic (doc/midwives)
jazzpurr88 #1 14-Oct
Rikki #5 17-Oct home
BellaMay 25-Oct
halah (jennifer) #2 25-Oct homebirth
Czen #3 26-Oct home w/ midwife & doula
grandmasgirl 27-Oct birth center boy
kerikadi (keri) 28-Oct homebirth
Louise #4 late Oct uc

I can't believe there's more babies already! I was out of town today and didn't expect to see that! Congratulations!

I am not really feeling anything. Two weeks ago, I was having BH contractions all the time but now I don't have all that many anymore. The baby feels sooo low that I am not sure how my stomach is holding it up anymore and now my belly button is all the way out. But I still don't feel any closer to labor.

Mostly, I am a little wary because I don't think it will ever happen.
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