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equinox mamas - sept 29th and on...

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here we go again! a new thread for a new week (okay, so a day late)...

1. Aquarianangela #1 edd Sep 5 born at hospital July 13 at 32 weeks abigail elizabeth 3lb 15oz
2. Anmarie -#2 4-Sep Home/h2o Alannah was born at 7:02 (9/3) at home in the pool-8lbs 13oz just over 20inches!!!
3. Sagira #1 21-Sep Birth Center - Brandon William Zachary born 9/2/03; 7:18 pm, @ 38 wks. 6lbs 15oz, 20 1/2 inches (17 hours total)
4. petitemama (laurie) #5 3-Sep homebirth w/ midwife -- Angelina Palmeida born 9/5/03, 7:55 am, 7lbs 15 oz, 21 1/2 inches... 2 hrs 45 mins total start to finish!
5. mama2girls - 7-sept, Sage Elizabeth born 9/5/03, 6 lbs 3 oz at 39w 5ds, 8 hours of labor total.
6. Emma - Sept-5 Aislinn Laura Friday night at 9:00 pm
7. akirasmama (laurie) #2 8-Sep baby boy!!!!
8. Carolyn #3 10-Sep Home - - Baby Boy born 9/8; 4:08pm; 8lbs 7oz; 21 inches; 11 hrs from start to finish... 2 1/2 hrs since water broke.
9. Lactationmom 3-Sep home w/midwife - 9/10/03; 12:37am; Elijah Malcolm Davis (Eli) - Weight-10 pounds, 2 ounces! Length-21 1/2; at home, in tub... with no tear!! (aprox 5 hrs 40 mins total).
10. cobluegirl (rachael) #3 9-Sep hospital Baby Girl! 9/12, 1:40am , 9.5 lbs 21in, Josephine Elisabeth (Josie)... no tears ( )
11. ******'smom #3- Sept 13, 7:47am homebirth, Tiegan Elsie
12. CTMOMOF2 (Tracey) #2 Sept 15 - Chloe Izabella Cleri 12:32 p.m 6 lbs. 11 oz. and 19 inches with a full head of dark hair (and Tracey did it naturally!!!!)
13. Eman'smom #2 Sept 15th Riley Parker Oesch 8:03 pm - hospital, in the tub, sunny side up. Her daddy caught her with the midwife and doula watching, she was 7 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long.
14. Lisa_Lynn (Lisa) #1 Orion is here!! He was born on the 16th (hospital) @ 10:50 am!_ 7 lbs, 2 ounces!
15. apple (Jamie) #1 14-Sep Hospital w/ CNM twenty-three hours of labor - Scout James 1:10 am sept 18 morning
16. dallaschildren Hayden Sept. 18th. 9 pounds 12 ounces and was 21 3/4 " long
17. ladylee (lee) September 19 cesarean delivery-girl!
18. cllovato Marisol was born at 4:19 a.m. She weighed 6lbs 13oz and was 21 1/4 inches long
19. Rikki - Patricia Jean 9/24 at 3:23am. She was 4#8oz and 16.5 inches long
20. rootsaloo (Ruth) Ry Loren arrived on Wednesday, September 24, 2003 at 2:09 in the afternoon. He weighed 8 lbs 1 oz.
21. Jennifer (Sabrin) - Katie was born at 5:50am yesterday (September 26). She weighed 5#5oz and was 19.5"
22. mahdokht - 10:30 sept 27th, girl (homebirth!)
23. mamarsupial (autumn) - fiona eileen - 8 lbs, 14.5 oz; 20 1/4 inches. natural @ birth center w/ midwife, doula, and dh.
24. Shane - Harrison 9.29 10:26am homebirth
25. Nik's Mommy - Maksym Walter 9.30 at 5:18am 3450g (~7 lbs 9 oz), 52 cm (~20.5 inches), head - 35cm

CONGRATS MOMMA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matrons in waiting (fewer and fewer of us now!)...

Screen Name - Real Name - Birth No. - EDD - where - what's going on?

Mommy Stormraven (Michele) #3 17-Sep Home water birth

MammaKathryns 19-Sep girl
Ravin #1 20-Sep hospital - dilated to 2
1stTimeMummytoLore (Kate) #1 22-Sep Birth Center w/CNM- about 15 hours of 40 second ctx, 3-5 min apart and now nothing but a lower back ache-- 2 cm & 50%, contrax
seven_lux #1 25-Sep hospital
anabean (Ana) 25-Sep hospital w/ cnm 2 doulas
Amywillo (Amy) #2 26-Sep
Mamaley #2 30-Sep birth center 3 cm, 50% effaced, contracting
jennifer (sabin) Oct
weesej (jen) #4 Oct homebirth w/ midwife; losing plug
mamapenelope #4 October Home
Aspen 8-Oct
hikaru #2 14-Oct birthing clinic (doc/midwives)
jazzpurr88 #1 14-Oct
BellaMay 25-Oct
halah (jennifer) #2 25-Oct homebirth
Czen #3 26-Oct home w/ midwife & doula
grandmasgirl 27-Oct birth center boy
kerikadi (keri) 28-Oct homebirth
Louise #4 late Oct uc
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well, pregnancy insomnia here...sort of. can't sleep because the contractions have really gotten stronger. on the birth ball now with dh pressing hot rice bags against my lower back. 4-7 mins apart, lasting 1 minute or more...and kicking my butt. lets hope this is it or real labor is really going to get me! at least the breaks between are wonderful!
Yahoo!! you go girl, that is so great...I will light a candle for your labor, YOU CAN DO IT!!!
Good luck to you! Nothing going on here yet. I'm confused about those of us still in waiting, though. Don't some of them belong up in the have had baby category?
amy - i think you're right...who needs to get moved for sure???
Hey Earthmama, we posted at the same time...well, almost.
Just bumping this thread up above the other one. Thought I'd check in and see who was doing what before I went to bed.
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contrax 3-4 mins apart now. feeling queezy and like i need to push something out (gas, poop, maybe?) bath made things speed up. i think this might be it.
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This morning I've been having some intense contractions. I am not able to sit while they are here. It hurs so much in my pelvis and pubic bone area.
I'm trying so hard to relax into them even though it hurts. This last one I relaxed my perinum and it felt a little better. DH is off to work for the day and the kids are playing downstairs. DH has a trip planned today with the HS kids that he works for (he's an outdoor educator at a charterschool). So If I call him after he is on the trail then he has to get the kids back to school before he comes home. Would probably take at least 2hours to get home if they are one the trail. Some of these kids don't exactly walk quickly and I don't think they would speed up for him.
: It worries me.

I have scheduled for this morning to have a massage. The massage therapist is one of the mom's at my son's school. She is going to work some accupressure points on me but I'm thinking that I may not need them.
It is nice to be able to go. Her father looks after mom's kids while they are getting their massage. She works out of her home.

Oh, you know how I know a ctx is comming on: I get the sensation in my butt first. The baby is so low! This last one I closed my eyes and really concentrated on releasing my perineal muscles and my butt. It can be a lot to focus on.

I'm going to go call my dh and tell him not to go on his hike today.

Talk to you soon~
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I'm back home now from driving my son to school. I had a few ctx on the way there and a few on the way home. Not watching the clock but did in the car and are about 5min. And they are really hurting!!! My labor with Issac was petty pain free. I don't think it will be long, not with my labor history. Please don't let it be!!

Dh is home now. He left work pretty soon after I called.

Thoughts to you today for your babies. You were made to do this and I wish you beautiful births

dallaschildren 18-Sep csect boy
ladylee (lee) September 19 cesarean delivery-girl!

These are both scheduled C-sections and I'm sure they have babies, but I am not sure if we have had a post yet.

I have started into prodromal labor stuff, sporadic strong contractions and about once a day a bout of them closer together. I have dropsy from my ligaments hands won't work and I drop everything
Dropped laundry detergent a the grocery store last night and a glass of water already this morning. Did this for 2 weeks before Cass was born but I can tell my body is getting ready. Having DH carry a pager now, he works at a casino dealing cards and I cannot ever contact him directly would have to call a desk have someone send him a note and then he couldn't call me back until on a break. At least with a pager it will be a bit quicker.
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Go marmarsupial! And shanetedissac..sounds promising! I hope you both have healthy babies soon

Jen, I have similar contact issues with my husband's work...he works at a call center (computer help desk) and they are really strict about his breaks...luckily there is a line I can break into if I need him...need to find that number and paste it back onto my monitor...I can also email him or just buzz his cell phone like crazy until he gets the message...but it's hard to wait. He works an hour away too so I hope this birth is not a rapid one..although I wouldn't mind it being a little shorter than my 20 hour "real" labor with Dante (after endless days of prodromal labor...
: )

Dh is actually going to ask for more time off today for after the birth...last time he had 1 week, it was totally inadequate. This time he has less than 1 week paid leave, and I said if he was going to lose a little bit of wages, might as well lose a little more and make me happier. So he's going for an extra unpaid week. I really could care less about the money, with all the food I've frozen we won't starve anytime soon after the birth

I'm actually going to go back to bed now (ds is at preschool) because I've been up since attempts at getting an early night usually backfire this way. I wonder if my body just knows it is no longer going to get 8 hours at a time anymore and is trying to move me into a different sleep pattern already? No, no, no!!!

I've been washing all the diapers and Dante's infant glad I didn't find out the gender with either of them because I've got lots of neutral newborn items already on hand. I love seeing all those tiny items and remembering my ds's first weeks...3 years ago today, I had a 3-day old wearing those very onesies and kimonos...
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Go Autumn and Shane!!! Sending you lots of good energy and thoughts...this is so exciting! I want to hear about more new babies SOON!

On another, more self-pitying note:

My edd is tomorrow--big whoop.

I have some super mild contractions today. big whoop again.

Does anyone else walk around feeling mostly really happy but then also feel like they could burst into tears any second? Hormones are rough....

Today someone told me that I look really low, like i've defintely dropped more (she's at ds's school, i see her every day). After Friday night with the regular contractions, I kind of got my hopes up. I told myself i wouldn't but you know. Then everyone and there dog is saying "haven't you had that baby yet?" and i've even gotten a few questions about if they'll induce eventually

Ok, my mantras--"she will come when she's ready" "it might be another 2-3 weeks" and "it's ok".
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and amy, can i say that your posts often crack me up? every hugely pregnant woman needs a good belly laugh from time to time, so thank you

i really, really, really want to know if autumn has had her baby!!!
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Congrats to those ladies that have had their babies....and labor dust and warm wishes to those in labor...woohoo...
We need some more action in life with a babe thread...hehe
Soon I will be all alone here...will have to visit Life With A Babe thread just to talk to someone

Maybe I need to start schmoozing over at the November/December thread, this could be a November baby if I go very long overdue...hmmmm

For those of you hanging on, how has your experience with swelling been? Because I had none with ds and now in the last week my feet and ankles have gotten a lot of edema--non-pitting though. I can't tell if my face or fingers have swollen any more, my face is fat anyway and my rings came off at 7 months, so hard to tell. Just wondering if edema is just a fact of life at 37 weeks.
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Halah "He works an hour away too so I hope this birth is not a rapid one..although I wouldn't mind it being a little shorter than my 20 hour "real" labor with Dante (after endless days of prodromal labor... )"

Ditto on that. DH is close to an hours drive away for work. My last labor was 2 and 1/2 hours from the first real contraction, so not being able to get in touch with him quickly is a concern. (As if the fact my midwife lives 2 hours away isn't
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Originally posted by halah
For those of you hanging on, how has your experience with swelling been? Because I had none with ds and now in the last week my feet and ankles have gotten a lot of edema--non-pitting though.
I had a lot of swelling in the last month in my first pregnancy, and I had pretty bad carpal tunnel that got bad in the last month. This time around I had mostly avoided swelling by exercise and spending time in the pool. But the water is too cold and I haven't been in since last week, and I've noticed the swelling has gotten worse. About two weeks ago I noticed I had a hard time getting my shoes on. That comes and goes, but some points of the day I am more swollen than the others. My right hand is swelling some too, and feels painful and stiff, especially in the morning. Both my hands are starting to fall asleep a lot more now, but yesterday I went out and got my old prenatals and honestly, that seemed to help.

I think some water retention is just inevitable, especially after periods of inactivity. I was sitting on the floor with my legs outstretched, and my 4 year old decided to stand on my left shin and try and jump to the other leg. Ouch! But just her standing on my leg left an imprint for awhile, so I guess I do have some pitting, although for the most part I don't feel particularly swollen.
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Originally posted by mamapenelope
It was never pre-eclamptic type (there is a big change in the face of a woman w/ that kind of midwives called it a planar look to her face...I don't know how to better describe it) but it was not comfy.
I get that nose spread look where the cartilage in the nose relaxes and spreads a little, but it doesn't seem to be related to swelling.

Amy, 4cm is so amazingly progressed. Getting to 5 is the hardest part of labor, it's the most draining and often the longest. You're 4/5 of the way there already! I am willing to bet that the first great ctx you have, your water breaks and your babe is here within two hours. Just a friendly hunch.
I'm sorry your "Quest for prostaglandins" isn't more relaxing.
I'm hoping with all the squatting, visualizing and farting that I'm doing, something more is happening. Everytime I get a strong back pain and think maybe it is a contraction, gas comes out eventually. I got a hold of dh this morning. I'm not sure I buy into the oral application method though. It seems like your stomach acids and digestive processes would just neutralize all of this. I was going to go for the old fashioned way this morning, but then it ended up working out better the other way.

The other night I made the mistake of saying that if it works better orally, why don't they do it in the hospital? Thinking that perhaps they could give a pill that you take orally or something, you know. Of course, my husband started laughing his butt off, picturing the various hospital personnel lining up for their "servicing."

Oh well, this baby will come when it comes. I'm just a little worried because it doesn't move much, and I start to worry something has happened. A mom in my playgroup has a friend who was due on Saturday, and her last baby died on his due date. Ugh, I hate hearing stories like that since my baby is very sluggish. Ever since the nurse kind of freaked out and gave me that NST I start to think maybe I shouldn't be so blase about the whole slowing down thing.
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Well I last posted at 9:10am here on the east coast and Harrison arrived at 10:26am. Goodness it hurt! So much different from ds#2 which in comparison was painfree pretty much. I feel that emotions play such a heavy roll in how labor and birth go. I don't think that I was able to totally release into it, to accept new baby coming. The afterpains are ok. I had many blood clots and a few gushes of blood after. MW had me take black/blue/ginger cohash. Have not had anymore gushes since taking it and Harrison has nursed a few times. We are now just hanging out in bed. He is still attached to his placenta and I'm not sure when I want to separate him. Pretty sure it will be before bed tonight. Don't know yet. Ds#1 was not here for the birth
He prefered to go to school and did not want to come home untill he was done.

More later~

PS. If you would like to see pictures please email me: [email protected] and I'll send some out.
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Baby Girl Connell arrived at 7:19 this morning!

Autumn and family are all doing well! Here are the details:

20 1/4 inches
8 lb 14 oz

lots of red hair

:bf ...and nursing like a champ already!

Labor started last night around 11 pm, contractions sent them to the hospital around 5 am and...poof (okay a few more contractions and a little pushing)...the newest tribal member arrived!

Edited to clarify - Autumn asked me to post (so I'm not the new mom! -- well I am I have a 3 yr old and 3 month old!) and Connell is the family name. The new babe hasn't been named just yet.
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