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ERGO carrier?

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I am considering the Ergo baby carrier. We had received a Kelty backpack as a gift and didn't really see ourselves using it very often due to it's size, I also didn't find it really comfortable. I mostly need something to wear around the house. Dd loves the Maya, but I can't get as much done in the way of chores as I'd like.
I have searched the boards and appreciate all the info and opinions I have read. I am wondering if any larger Mamas have experience with the Ergo? Also I have read taller husbands have a hard time using them? Is this true with the newly designed one? I am also wondering about the colors. On the website, the terracotta looks pinkish and the denim looks sort of periwinkle. Is this my computer or the true colors? Thanks so much for any opinions you may have to share!
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Hi, Welcome!

We were having a discussion the other day about the Ergo, here is the link

ERGO Thread

The denim is a light blue color for sure, that is the one I have.

DH and are are the same size, I am about 5' 10" and 185 lbs, DH is about 200 lbs, the Ergo fits us both fine.

I have worn it around the house. DS is too big for me to carry in the sling, and the Ergo can be worn front or back. It is perfect for at home!
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We got the Ergo carrier in Terracotta (nice color, not pinkish IRL). My dh is a bigger (but not large) sized guy but the waist belt didn't fit him. It works ok for me, but the shoulder straps bunched up when i cinched the straps tight & w/ the center sternum strap. The waist belt workes great for distributing the weight to the hips.

I just received the Weego carrier as a gift and I can't stop marveling at how comfy it is for me and my ds (5 mos). It's very easy to put him on as a backpack b/c it has an easy, two- pouch system which allows one to secure the child in the carrier b4 putting it on your back. I know the Ergo backpack takes some practice, but I was always afraid he's wiggle once or I'd miss a leg hole or something. Another good feature of the Weego is that I can take sleeping ds off me while still in the carrier without disturbing him...I can either set him down next to me or switch him between my front or back depending on the tasks I'm doing. The double pouch system also allows you to keep baby's legs/feet inside if it's chilly too. They have a website: The photos aren't as descriptive as they could be of how great the double pouch system is.

Best of luck with your decision!!
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Hey Carey!! Do you know how large the child can be for the weego--maximum pounds? It looks great, and I'm thinking about getting it but ds is a huge 21 lbs. at 5 months. So I don't want to get it if it will only last a few months. The site says up to 2 years, but not weight.
Hey Rebeka!!! Great to hear from you!

Yeah, I'm not sure about the weight, but I'm pretty confident that it will be comfy for us for at least another year or so. Our ds is around 16lbs at 5 1/2 months and it makes him feel pretty lightweight. It seems like he has plenty of room to grow in it. And I just love that I can switch him from my front (to get him asleep) to my back (so I can work around the house safely and comfortably) without disturbing him.

Good luck with it and hope you like it! We sure do!! Our ds hasn't been in our NN all that much since we received the Weego as a gift...he was getting a little heavy for extended periods of time in it. But we still use it for quick trips to the store/mall.

A tip for the Weego: Put the carrier on your front to put him in it. Hold him up on your chest, then slide his legs into the inner support's much easier this way when you have a squirmy little kid on your hands!!

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