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Ergo--old style vs. new?

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has anybody used both? I know that not all new models are improvements...I'd like some advice on which one to buy! (15 mo. old, about 23 pounder)
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How many versions of the Ergo has there been? I'm only aware of 1. There is a new version due out the middle of June, but I don't think its available yet, and so no reviews so far.

I'm holding out for the new version though, even though I've been told that its a little bit more expensive (ie. $5 more).
I'm aware of 3 different generations of Ergo. I have the last two and had the first at one point. The first had shoulder straps that had buckles so you could wear it in the hip carry and had a smaller waist buckle. The second doesn't have buckles on the shoulder straps so you can't wear it in the hip carry and has a bigger waist buckle. The third generation has a safety/comfort belt which adds padding to go under the black webbing part. If you are smaller waisted, I think the safety/comfort belt just adds bulk and gets in the way. However, my husband does prefer it because it prevents the black webbing from digging in.

There is going to be a newer style coming out in June.

I've only used the one with the padded waist strap. I'm large--5'6" 250#, and I find the extra waist strap a nusiance. It just bunches up and gets in the way. I've thought about removing it but haven't. Still, I love the Ergo and my little guy (now 13 months and 25+ pounds) lives in it.

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