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Escaping Child WWYD????????

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I cant seem to keep ds2 in bed with us

He keeps crawling out of bed

I used to be able to wake up at the slightest movement but now I sleep through anything

THe otherday I woke up to find ds2 not in bed with us and I freaked out
He's only 14 months so there are alot of places he can crawl into and get stuck, like under dd's bed
I found him on the other side of the apt.
This is driving me nuts b/c I wanna co sleep with him so bad and yet I feel like i cant
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I have baby gates up at the exit to my bedroom and going into the attached bathroom they stay up 24/7 me dh and dd can all go over them with little difficulty. Works really great for us. Can u put gates up?? If u dont want the gate up all the time u could just put it up at night so that he cant get away like that. I dont like shutting doors because of fire or other things that could happen but the gates work well for us.
DO to space limitations and curious little hands we put all the living room stuff in the bedroom and we sleep on a futon out in the "livingroom", which is directly attached to the kitchen and "dining area"
It is constructed so ridiculously that It is a sheer impossibility
That is ruff
Wish I could think of something else but nothing comes to mind right now. Hopefully someone will come along with better help than I was. Good luck.
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