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Esp. for co-sleepers...

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I've had this bookmarked for sooo long. Just can't stomach the $19 plus shipping but may have to for fear that it will get discontinued...
Isn't that the cutest thing!!!!????

Also kind of off topic, I want to get one of those vbac onesies for the baby but wouldn't dare buy it until after she's born. Same with the ones that say born at home, kwim? I just don't want to jinx anything.
Anyhoo, I hope everyone feels happy today

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aww that is cute!!!
I collect Charming Tails; aren't the ADORABLE? In fact, the cake topper for my weddng cake was Charming Tails. My mom was horribly offended that I had mice on top of my wedding cake :LOL
Karen, how funny! I collect those and have that one at home! Those figurines are SO adorable!
Karen, I felt the same about the onesies... didn't want to jinx it. NOw i just haven't thought of it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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