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Not sure if this belongs on here because it's more of an essay of expression but I'd love to at least inspire some people to put things in perspective if they haven't already and to support those who already "got it" some time ago.<br><br>
I opened the plastic box with holes, after a couple of hours of chilling and I washed of a few then cut the tips off. I tasted them and savored their sweet but tart after taste and I wondered about the owners of that Company that grew them.<br>
Yes, I'm talking about strawberries here. I thought of how silly that this Farm Owner (who we'd like to think as having cared about their crop) had no idea who is eating their fruits but even more disturbing... may not even know half their clients (the ones who pay them and distribute them). Well, we know for sure the Coca Cola/Wal marts of the world have no idea but instead have endless # of people below them who do. It's unfortunate. I don't think it's very healthy (for the individual or society) that someone becomes so into making money that they in a sense prostitute themselves in order to buy a Billion$ home instead of a $2 or $3 Million one. Isn't that insane? It's almost like they become money hungry machines and there's no stopping them. Do I support a communist govt? No...but I do think this capitalist Monster we've created is hardly the idea of what any of our previous political/economical visionaries had in mind. We are perishing because of it. The odd thing is that many of our young College students years ago worried about the same things but now are part of that machine... they work for it, they buy from it, they educate their children in it, they dream of it without fully appreciating the consequences.<br><br>
What, you ask, are the consequences? Just a hunch... massive poverty, lack of clean air, diminishing of many species important to our cycle of life, to name a few.<br><br>
It takes the little voices to make a change. Why do you think Walmart is now marketing themselves as the Green company trying to contribute to the preservation of our environment? It's not because they initially gave a hoot about anything but the only green thing they identified with... $money! I can't criticize that they're finally doing something about our concerns... otherwise it would be hypocritical of me. I can criticize that they broke the tire and offered to put a patch on it... oh, but that's another essay.<br><br>
Point is twofold: Those little voices that are persistent in making their point DO make a difference even if they are unappreciated. And that we can achieve the American dream but it needn't be at the cost of others... we can start by committing ourselves if we're to have businesses... to at least make it a point to know who your clients are personally and avoid getting caught in that machine... we can instead trust to do it our own way and still "make it". If we become too curious about leaning over to glimpse at the machine... we may instead get caught in it.<br><br><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wild">
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