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Essential oils as mouse repellent

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Is there an EO that does repell mice?

The reason I ask is because we store the out of season clothes along with to grow into clothes in an old building which of course has mice. It would be nice to not have to worry about mouse damage.

Or is it just wishful thinking that there is an EO mice dont like?

Anybody have any other ideas for storing clothes so they are mouse proof for the most part? Am thinking of getting some of those RubberMaid bins, I know the little pets can chew through those but maybe it would slow them down.

We have cats, they cant get into the building but they do have access to the underneath of the building.

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Hm, in my experience, mice will chew right thru plastic if they're motivated enough.


Add a few drops of Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil or Spearmint oil to cotton wool and place in the ceiling and anywhere mice might enter the house.

If you know where the mice are coming into the building, you can put wire mesh over their openings to keep them out. Steel wool is supposed to help keep them out too. Mice are so pesky though, they fit thru such tiny little openings.
I've used Bay Essential Oil with semi-successful results. I am still battling as you are without killing or poison.
I've used Peppermint essential oil with success - but I kept putting new cotton puffs with oil on them in the area every 4-5 days. Not sure you would want to do that in an out building somewhere. Maybe you could put the oil on the floor of the building if it's wood? (Lots of it I would imagine!)
I've used peppermint oil on cotton balls and diluted with water in a spray bottle for better coverage in an outbuilding.
I also have an ultrasonic pest repeller which I like.
Good luck.
My problem is with ground squirrels.
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