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Essential oils on lightbulbs?

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Do you think it would be ok to put a drop of essential oil on the lightbulbs in my lamps? I thought maybe it would make the house smell good but I don't want to do anything hazardous.
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My mom used to do this with a ring that you put around the lightbulb and then dropped the oil in it...

I think she got it at Crabtree&Evelyn but I am sure other places have them...
You should definately get a ring - I know you can get them at Whole Foods - But just about anywhere that carries EOs should have them. (or at least know where you can get one!) I'd be careful about putting it right on the bulb - I've had bulbs shatter before because of coming in contact with liquid - altho not essential oils particularly - I'd also be a little worried about it sliding down the bulb and into the base/socket! I think I picked up my ring for about 4.50. They've got ceramic & brass ones out there, and they're totally worthy. And your house will smell awesome!
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Great! I will get one of those rings. Thanks!
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I haven't had a problem putting one or two drops directly on a lightbulb. BUT, I don't do it after the bulb is warm - that might shatter the bulb.

When she worked as a real estate agent, my mother used to put a drop or two of vanilla and turn the light on in houses she was about to show. Or she would put the drops on an electric element on the stove, and turn that burner on for a few minutes. It made the houses smell like someone had baked cookies in it - very homey and inviting. Good for real estate sales.
You can get those rings at craft stores as well. They also have them in the craft department at Wal mart.
I put a drop or two on the lightbulb. In the past I have had a large shard of an unglazed clay pot that would sit right on a bulb. Worked just like the ring, and it was free. It wasn't really serendipitous that I had a shard that fit, since I had just broken like 5 pots.
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