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Essential Supplements

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Dh and I are on struggling to keep our energy up, keep away achy joints, seizures (dh) and a million other things, we really need to pump up on our supplements. (We already have a healthy diet, although we do need to get more active)
We currently take- multi vitamin, flax/cod liver oil, and probiotics.

Soooo What do you consider the esentials? What do you consider essential for kids (if any)?
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I took a course a while ago on natural nutrition, and I learned a great deal there....more often than not, for good health and good energy, people should focus more on getting stuff out of their bodies, not putting more in.

While a good supplement is a great idea, and Essential fats...have you thought about going on a cleanse? Try doing a short fruit fast or a raw fast, just eating raw salads and fruits for a few days...and doing some gentle techniques like dry skin brushing, hot/cold showers (alternating hot and cold in the shower several times, ending with cold...usually gives you a great boost of energy, and gets your blood moving which assists a cleanse)
and maybe an enema.

This will work way better in terms of boosting energy, and the other problems you mentioned, like joint problems. Both those things are signals that your body needs a break. and a cleanse. This time of year is the best time to do it too! Like a spring cleanse....

If you need more info, I'm sure there are many web sites like this one:

Good luck!
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Magnesium for seizures, I like Natural Calm brand.

Investigate enzymes, especially high proteases, to clean up inflammation/achy joints

See Nutrition/Immunology 101 sticky at top of Vaccinations forum. The right nutrition and minerals help the body detox.
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