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Does anyone know about essure? I've gone to their website and a few other places, and all I really find are positive things about it. Are there cons to it? (I know it is permanent and irreversable.) My drawbacks right now are: it's very new, so we don't know if there are future problems associated with it. I'm pretty sure I'm done having this is what I'm considering doing next year when we have the money... Does anyone know if there have been problems with essure? I also have been having several ovarian cyst ruputure over the past few months- do you think this might be a contradiction to getting essure?<br><br>
(Hormonal bc is completly out of the question as I had severe blood cots develop when on the pill 10 years ago.... yes I <span style="text-decoration:underline;">was</span> a smoker.)<br><br>
(I've been using FAM and condoms for the last 10 years for bc, however, we had a surpise conception occur with the last baby.... 7 days before ovulation!)<br><br>
(We also tried the V, but the dr. messed up! DH would have to undergo GA in a hospital to try the V again....which is something we don't want to do. He still has pain from the V occasionally....and it was almost 2 years ago!!!)
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