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My 14 month old, Henri, is not so nice anymore when it comes to his milky. He twists around and around, flip-flopping to different positions, biting, being silly, throwing himself on me, I mean its REALLY getting ridiculous! Forget nursing in public, he won't stay focused! Sometimes its cute, other times it makes me mad. He's probably getting his molars soon, and when I try to unlatch him after he's fallen "asleep" he grabs my wrist and pulls it away with his hand so I can't unlatch him. A struggle ensues until I can finally get away from him and he'll go to sleep. It feels like Henri thinks he owns me and I'm his property sometimes. Its getting dehumanizing! All the craziness aside I have not had any feelings of being desperate to wean him, and I really am adamant about nursing him for 2+ years. My nips are getting super-sore, though, and so are my breasts. I really need some good advice!!!!!
I would recommend being firm and ending the session when he starts the acrobatics or otherwise being rude. Like with younger babies who are teething, if you end the session when he starts the undesirable behavior, say "No!" and not let him back to the breast for 10-15 minutes, he will come to associate bad behavior as causing the end of a nursing session. Also, encourage him to open his mouth wide when latching on and draw him in closer at the first sign of wiggles or agitation. Going to a dim and quiet room to nurse may also be helpful since you say he is very distractable. My DD would get stimulated by the ceiling fan in the living room and we'd have to go to the bedroom to nurse at about your DS's age.

I hope this helps.

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