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Estate Planning

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I just read the article from mothering regarding estate planning. I would like to hear from you all that have completed this task. How did you find a 'good' lawyer and how much I'm looking to pay for this service. I have a will I created after my first was born, that was 7 years ago. My husband has one from before we got married. We really need to update.

Thanks for your words and advice,
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and keep in mind that we live in a smallish city (pop. 15,000 and growing) with a relatively low cost of living, but they typically charge less than $100 for basic wills. You'll also want to have powers of attorney prepared for both property and health care which, in our firm, includes a living will portion. That is less than $100 also. At least here. As for finding a reliable attorney, I suggest a smaller, general practice firm. They're more user-friendly and less expensive. And you can refer back to them at other times in life, like if you want to start a business or buy/sell some property or just have your taxes prepared, etc. And there's a lot to be said for a firm that can say it's been in practice for x amount of years. A firm that has been around a while is established in the community and will be able to refer you to experts (such as accountants, insurance agents, etc.) that they have worked with for a long time and really trust. If you know anyone locally who owns their own business or buys/sells property, you could start by asking them. In all likelihood, if they've liked the attorneys they have dealt with for these financial matters, they have probably had those same attorneys handle their estate planning as well. I hope this was helpful!

And remember to be really nice to the lady at the front desk. It might be me!
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