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Estrogen Cream & Returning Periods?

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At my 6 week post partum check-up I was diagnosed with low estrogen and prescribed a vaginal estrogen cream to use at night. I used it for one week and my period started. Is this related? My DD is EBF. I didn't think I would get my periods back while I was BF so soon after delivery!
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I have no idea. I know I had bleeding at 7.5 wks pp that I thought was af and it wasn't though. I didn't see her till 9 mos pp.
Same here- I thought I it was AF at 8 wks PP, but it wasn't. I'm now at 13 wks and have yet to have a period. Although, I had lochia off/on for 11 wks...I'd rather have just had a period!
Five days is a whole lot shorter than 11 wks!!

I have heard the same thing about light period like bleeding at around 6-12 wks PP and then nothing for many months afterwards. The joys of BF!
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