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Etymology Books?

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***I know DD is younger than this forum, but I was hoping you could suggest your children enjoyed when they were younger***

DD is very interested in the history of words, how they come about, etc... She would like to read a book about that.

She is 7, relaxes to books probably about a 3rd-4th (?) grade level (recent reads: Fudge Books, Judy Moody, etc...) and can easily read more complex books. Because I want her to enjoy the book, though, I would esp. appreciate any suggestions on the lower end.

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My son and I are enjoying the Word Origins page-a-day calendar. They have it cheap at amazon. My son likes this kind of stuff too. She'd probably enjoy learning some simple/fun latin and greek - Rummy Roots is a card game for this, and English From the Roots Up is a nice book too.

Here's one kids' book

But I've never read it.

Unfortunately this is a difficult topic to find in a children's book. It's probably a good thing for you to do as a read-aloud with her, so you can pick and choose the parts in adult books that suit you and her. There are GOBS of interesting books for adults on word origins.

I get their newsletter in my inbox every couple of weeks, give or take... it's fun. Last week I learned the origin of bootylicious (and Beyonce didn't coin the term). The website is fun, too.

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